Lukashenko wants to realize why Western parliamentary elections?

On Thursday, Lukashenko gave an interview to Western publications "Financial Times" and "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". What is the main message of the meaning of the head of the European public? Why not ask Lukashenko, and requests from the European Union to recognize the election? Why Lukashenko urges the West to protect virtually Belarus from Russia?
Participants: editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski and political scientist Ales Lahvinets.
What main message LUKASHENKA European public?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"We look fascinating political paradox. Belarus itself in elections to the House of Representatives does not cause tremendous enthusiasm nor the political elite nor the society. Never since 1990 had no such mandate malehankih contest for parliament.
But the West’s enthusiasm for these elections — as big as ever. In the documents of international institutions, statements of Western politicians the issue of relations with Belarus aggressively linked to the criteria of the elections.
In response, the Belarusian authorities and conduct these elections, so to say, the export version. And the more Lukashenko stressed that, say, the elections we hold primarily for the Belarusian people, in fact all the campaign focused on the perception of the scenery them specifically by Western observers. So it turns out that interview Lukashenko "Financial Times" and "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" — it’s a movie for marketing this product under the title "parliamentary elections?"

Alexander KlaskouskiAlexander Klaskouski"First, it should be noted that the PR is not in vain Lord Bell has its own bread. After publication, which Lukashenko gave an interview — it’s powerful, respectable newspaper with huge circulation. Because the interview will have a significant impact.
In this interview, Lukashenko for the first time directly appealed to the West to recognize our elections. Previously, he always said that the choices we make are not for the West, and for their own people. And at the moment there was a call to accept and recognize us as we are. Lukashenko does not offer mountains of gold in terms of democracy and offers an optimal political bargaining. "

Ales LahvinetsAles Lahvinets"West focused on the elections as free elections — this is one of the hallmarks of a democratic regime. Now demand free elections became a major. From its implementation depend affairs of Belarus with the West. Just during elections demonstrate their power over undemocratic view.
Lukashenko is trying to throw at times offers to the West with the help of interviews to various Western media. After all, he is alarmed problem of retaining power, given an understanding with Russia more difficult. To maintain power because he finds support in the West. "
WHY Lukashenka asked the European Union to recognize the election?
Karbalevich"In this interview, Lukashenko not only asks the West to recognize the election as it requests from the European Union. Say, just try not to admit. He warns EU of double standards, states that" I will not beg for themselves visas EU. "Trying to talk with West from a position of strength — it’s just a feature of the political style Lukashenko or there is some political calculation? "
Klaskouski"I took a little bit differently this tone. During 1-x, as an experienced politician, he realizes that he is not worth the fuss, show concern, not to show that it can take naked hands because terrified of. It slightly willfully confidence.
Second time — here comes the appeal to Western interests optimal. Lukashenko does not promise that there will be rampant democracy. Here he says that maybe the new parliament will not like the West, but it will be what it will elect people. And if there are only a few number of opposition, you say, I do not povinet, people did not support them.

Move aside the liberal values and focus on the common threat from the Russian imperial

Lukashenko added that economic reasons are pushing for a dialogue with the West. He promises that will be privatized, and will be available 100% of the shares of Belarusian companies.
Here he says that we do not drive in the neck, we rapidly create 80% because you have there in the West. I think it is understood that 80% — a variant of authoritarian modernization, and 20% — is the sphere of democracy and human rights, where there is just opposed to the West.
So Makar, Lukashenko appeals to the geopolitical interests of the West. Say, move aside these as he loves read, ghost network things, in other words, liberal values, and focus on the common threat of imperial Russian Federation. "
Features political style
Karbalevich"Want to send a note that nedavneshney press conference for Russian media Lukashenko stated: the privatization process, which begins in Belarus Tipo, does not mean that the government will lose control over enterprises. But Western journalists, he promises to implement the investor 100% of the shares . other words with which the audience said Lukashenko, under that and adjusted. "
Lahvinets"Lukashenko was in his own repertoire. Political events may force him to do certain steps. But, as usual, he seeks to look and feel, expresses his position is contradictory, but in very categorical terms.
Lukashenko political culture is such that he can not lead a normal dialogue with others, and speaks to a position of strength. Now he is acting out in this way: the more necessary, the more I get. "

WEST protect Belarus from the Russian Federation!

Karbalevich"Previously, because of Russia’s policy towards Belarus Lukashenko never read. He warns Moscow from interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus. Belarusian favorite states that if our homeland with Belarus will make what she did with Georgia, in this case Europe will have every right to resist Moscow.

In this hard to believe, but Lukashenko urges the West to actively participate in post-Soviet countries

In this hard to believe, but Lukashenko urges the West to actively participate in post-Soviet countries, to be a counterweight to Russian power, which is always built up. "
Klaskouski"Made very sharp swipe at Russia. Lukashenko, in fact, says the West that if Our homeland will begin to use force against Belarus scenario, you then give us.
This expression indicates nyaslushnasts kanspiralyagichnuyu version, which uses part of the Belarusian opposition. Allegedly, the rapprochement with the West needed Lukashenko, parliament to make laws, and later pass faster Belarus Russia.
The current imperative elite felt the horror of Russia, especially after the war in the Caucasus. She realized that the empire, which rose from his knees, represents a mortal danger for this government and should be protected by all means. This broke into the interview. "
Lahvinets"The fact of the publication of such positions are very positive. It reflects a broader awareness of the Belarusian elites and counter-elites that Belarus should be independent. And guarantee this independence — the development of relations both east and west, nort
h and south.
In general, if such a phrase is from the mouth of a politician who says that he is ready to crawl on my knees to the side of, then it shows a certain evolution of such a policy. "

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