M.Luksha: Today, every word written in Belarusian — fundamentally

Luksha: "I read the stories that have been translated — just very sad choice depended on translators … I prepared and more than joyful, satirical lyrics and poems … I first made as a writer who sings Belostokskaya our village.
I just fell in love with Brno. Such a beautiful city that I can, and would be willing to live here if I did not live in our Bialystok Belarus. "
Znatkevich: "In this festival as much as 5 people are participating from Bialystok. According to your opinion, what Bialystok Belarusian literature differs from the Belarusian literature available in Belarus?"
Luksha: "It’s a tough question, and even harder to answer … For whom and what associate? We write and print, we wish, we in Europe … Who was this question — developing your culture Bialystok, not better for you to develop there than in Belarus? We think the European way … Plyutovich urchins, for example, with the Belarusian nature, writes in Polish, but differently than the Poles … "
Znatkevich "Belarusian writers from time to time been criticized for the fact that not many people read in Belarusian in Belarus, most of the reads in Russian … You also have this problem? "
Luksha: "Not many people are reading in general, or in Polish or German or in English … And if you read, it’s what we, the writers did not like, but we are talking about that … In Overall, the book falls, and develops kartsinkavaya civilization … Now every word written in Belarusian — in principle. "

Luksha world was born in 1958 in Hajnowka comes from is largely ethnically Belarusian region near Bialystok, Poland belongs. At the end of belorusistiki and Russian Studies in Bialystok works as a journalist in Poland Belarusians weekly "Field". In the literature, debuted in 1973, has published several collections of poetry and short stories. Master small lyrical essays. Writes in Belarusian and Polish. Her story "The Lady with hand junk" published in Czech in the "Belarusian narrative anthology (published by« Vetrne mlyny ", 2006) and in the journal" Host " (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

Broadcast of alive — A 19th HOURS on the website of the festival. Tomorrow — Michal Androsyuk, the day after tomorrow — Sergei Prilutsky

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