Mailbox 111: Our state of Belarus became beggars. It’s a shame and sad …

In a post last week, a lot of responses to letters nedavneshny another crisis in Belarusian-Russian relations caused by the untimely Minsk calculations for gas supplies. Students will also talk about the consequences of that, in connection with what is happening, can meet the Belarusian economy.
Current conversation will start with messages Kukso Nicholas, a former teacher of history and geography of the town Ivianiec Volozhin district.
"I, Byelorussian, shameful that our government is like a beggar with outstretched hand, asks RF loan. But we time were the most developed republic. As previously stated: "Russian Union assembly plant."
Belarus — the third in the world’s top exporter of potash. We have innumerable supplies various construction materials. In any European country not many forests in Belarus. And the land we have more than any other: for hectares per person in including 60 acres — arable. Our farmers are not so long ago fed Moscow and Leningrad. And the village lived, farmers took up fermerstva. But in recent years they fought off the desire to work. Currently the village is dying. And all these agricultural towns that are trying to build power — unnecessary effort …
Belarus — transit power. But we had to go round through Latvia. In bypassing Belarus to build a pipeline — and it’s all because of government policies nekompitentnoy.
Belarus was to economically powerful in Lithuania. And now in Lithuania wages in two times higher than ours. With that, they pay gas, as expected: from 100 to 230 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. And do not weep, do not prybyadnyayutstsa. A state of Belarus became beggars. Sad and sad. "
Was Belarus economically stronger Lithuania — a moot point, sire Kukso. In the Russian time different industries, regions and even individual enterprises of Belarus and Lithuania on the initiative of ideological departments arranged between a so-called "socialist competition" — who the best economic performance. Won either one or the other. It was believed that the level of economic development in the 2-republics roughly similar. But the standard of living in the Baltic neighbors Belarus and then was higher. The proof of this, namely, the direction of movement of the population. More people move from Belarus to Lithuania and other Baltic republics, than the opposite.
About Belarus lost over the past decade and a half are able to reason in a letter to the "Freedom" and our listener Ales Tsadko of Maladziechna.
"Thirteen years ago, with the opportunity to market economy model, born in a poor East wilderness, using Russian populism, not go any further planning and collective-farm economy. However, for countries with promises of total Russia received from the East available raw materials and the possibility of re-exports of oil and petroleum products.
In my opinion, holding such an economic model, Lukashenko did not realize that they made the system — hopelessly ill, and at some point lost. Catalyst deadly finale "Belarusian economic miracle", as we look at the moment, there is an increase in prices for Russian energoelementy. But who will ultimately be responsible for such a policy? "
Apparently, the emperor Tsadko, will respond to the one who produces this policy, and will determine who the current economic and political course in the state. Best option when such liability is assumed as a result of free and fair elections. Yes only in the present Belarusian criteria that prospect does not look very close.
Our listener Valery Griţuc from Minsk responded to my comment to the letter from Galina Borisova Myadyuk that resurfaced in mail on August 8th. Let me remind you: it concerned the consumer disputes listener with retired police officers — someone who must give way to the narrow path. The conflict ended with the Tribunal fined Ms. Myadyuk a small amount — one base value (typical, for swearing). And she has since the past two years through different institutions fighting for justice, trying to repay kryvditsyalyu.
"Two years — and a small minute episode on the narrow road to the lake, which could have been avoided, if at least one of 2 persons instead of stubbornness and anger showed leniency and sastuplivasts. Standing fiddling episode order for a person to it squandered years own life and so much spiritual power? "- This is a comment sovereign Griţuc not attracted.
"Your comments on the support of 80%. But last — regarding a woman who for conflicts with former militiamen courts walks … You gave the wisest comment grandfather. But You — Radio Liberty journalist! Here you had the opportunity to show people that courts side with false police not only in judicial pakarannyah opposition, and here, in the "non-political" struggle. Remembered resolution to the UN General Assembly in respect of vessels in Belarus, the UN special rapporteur concluded. If the problem with the information — ask me. For you give free information and advice. "
Thanks to you, sire Griţuc, for offering services — problems with information about the UN resolution we have.
As for your comments. How can argued that courts "take the side lying policemen" after hearing only one version of the incident, not knowing about What they say witnesses and the man, which Mrs. Myadyuk blames? Finding the "politics" where it may be, no? With Prof. journalism it has not much in common. Into a detailed clarification of all events, repeating path investigation? We have no such ability. And it is stupid: mercantile incident, household and has no public value. In my opinion, much more fundamentally, that people are living two years with resentment, spend it as much effort, time and money …
In journalistic practice many times I have met with similar situations: when someone becomes obsessed with his own offense and later on long years fills their lives only for her.
Creator Andrew Paskov subsequent letters from Brest talks about the church and Christian values:
"Jesus Christ taught people to expose the left cheek if hit on the right. Christianity adyshlosya But gradually these commandments. Churchmen appeared" gendarmes in cassocks "blazing fires of the Inquisition …
Existence of the country, police and army contradicts the gospel. Government suppresses people and manipulates their hands sentiments. Police keeps all horrified to strengthen the government. Soldiers go to war and kill such people as themselves. People must begin to live in harmony with the Gospel and the five precepts of the Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy. Then everything will be fine. "
So, sire Pasco Government — a tool of coercion. But another, more perfect forms of public life, the world’s population has not yet invented. Live in harmony with the Gospel commandment greater human society not aduzhvayuts. Have to improve what we have. Just in developed democracies and the police, the army and the bureaucracy do not feel omnipotent and uncontrollably.
At the end — a short letter that lilac leave a comment.
Nicholas writes to us from the village Volchyk Zinovij Pruzhansky district — on the topic of leadership in opposition:
"Where there is an abundance disappears, pluralism of views and judgments and approved municipal ideology completed democratic base. Fair I do not think critical comments of listeners in the address of opposition politicians. From time to time you can even hear the insults. So they say from time to time, which is not such a favorite , the "lacks favorite." All this, I am sorry, glupota.
Indeed, certain parts of society need to say, "wise leader", which would lead to the "light of the future." And in my opinion, our leader — this is a public idea of national liberation from the Belarusian culture, closely link with the EU. A great, smart statists is everywhere. Jus
t a pity their voices are very quiet. "
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