Marginals, which holds all of civilization

July 3 in Belarus celebrated another day of Independence. Has the celebration of a landmark in the process natsyyatvarennya? Can form Belarusian civilization, not like the projects revivalists?
Or forms the Lukashenko Belarusian civilization?
Valery Karbalevich: "The current days of the celebration of Independence passed with precise focus the idea of independence. Presidential campaign motto "For Belarus!" Was replaced by the motto "For Independent Belarus".
Concerts under the new title began March 25 (symbolically), walked along nationwide, and ended with a huge concert in Minsk on July 3. This was accompanied by the singing of the anthem of Belarus multi-million weight to the role of head of state. What is this if not the formation of civilization? "
Valentin Akudovich "Over century and a half reverse Belarusian figures started to think about the independence of Belarus. And during all still none of them did not occur, that the Belarusian independence can speak on Russian language.

A priori, it was believed that the independence Belarus will based on the Belarusian language, culture and history. Russian language was linked directly with the colonization of Belarus Russian empire.
As the story relentlessly posmevaetsya best of intentions honorable people, analysts, theorists who have written thousands of articles, in which Belarus was considered discourse belarushchyny!
2nd moment. During the presidency of Boris Yeltsin in Russia Belarusian authorities tried not to focus on the definitions of "independence", "Belarusian civilization" and similar terms.
And only when the power in the Russian Federation Putin came, it became clear that "Monomakh" sailed from Lukashenko, and probably forever — began to actualize the word "independence", "Belarusian civilization."
I read a little earlier that Lukashenko Belarusian civilization does not need, he needs "nationalism without civilization." And suddenly it came in handy Belarusian civilization. And he began to sculpt a quick civilization.
Surely, he realized that his electoral support will not be much in the new, more difficult time. After electoral support may soon crumble if any prepyadstviya with sausage. In the hour of danger need support civilization. And for the sake of political necessity Lukashenko began to create a civilization. "
Andrew Rosinskiy: "I do not agree that Lukashenko began to create civilization. It prides itself on this idea, uses someone else’s. Since this idea to him a stranger. Very indicative date of the celebration days of Independence. July 3 long celebrated as a day town of Minsk. And Lukashenka it appropriated.
Indeed, is the creation of independent states, but not in Belarus, and a piece of the USSR. Countries, independent of the global impacts of threats to his power. Here is a contradiction.
And with all this absolute and total dependence on Russia. This is a model-independent colonies, self-contained town Vrupinsku with the Russian language, with eyes toward Russia. In other words, you have financed. This is an attempt all the same parazytavannya.
This parazytavanne on developing civilization with these flag and anthem. This is an attempt to build up an independent place his own power, and all. Lukashenko’s regime is the same independent of the Russian Federation, as during the second World War, the Vichy regime in France was independent of Nazi Germany. "
Can form Belarusian civilization, not like the projects revivalists?
Karbalevich: "Yes, indeed the formation of the Belarusian civilization comes at a historic victory in the ground majestically Russian war, under the red-green flag with the Russian language.
Maybe this is in fact is the real Belarusian civilization? It bears no resemblance to those projects that are aimed staged national intelligentsia, Belarusian-speaking intellectuals, BNF. In other words, there is a real civilization — not like the adherents of the theory of rebirth. But why is it be like? Reality, life and theories rarely coincide? "
Akudovich: "As civilization that created a quick, has a chance to stay forever, time will tell. At present the situation in a futuristic projection looks pretty faded.
Together, the formation of civilization according to the draft revivalists seems unlikely, at least in its pure format.
Wish to draw attention to the current municipal flag. Aesthetically, it is deeply unattractive to me. Coupled with the fact sociological projection it just mystically clear. Reddish part — is the Russian people. Greenish part — is local Belarusians.
And the narrow ribbon of white-red-white ornaments — is nationally conscious Belarusians. And a politician who seeks to seize power and retain it, certainly in the sociological sense to rely on reddish and greenish color. What did Lukashenko.
Politician who aspires to power should be based on what is at hand. Just this sovereign Rosinskiy referred parazytavannem. Real politicians always parasitic on those supplies that are in society.
If you dig into the history natsyyavtvarennya different countries, we can find many examples of civilization created by certain political needs of specific groups or individual favorites. "
Karbalevich "Mr. Rosinskiy, here you said that Lukashenko is parasitic on another. But whatever were his personal intentions (eg, retention of power), but it impartially to promote the formation of civilization. Municipal media hammered into the minds of people the idea of independence. What’s in this disgusting? "
Rosinskiy: "What comes to mind independence farthest cubbyhole Belarus, which is great. But she came back to even faster, if Lukashenko had no power.
But again — what independence? I affirm that this independence is not Belarus, and mini-USSR. This BSSR retrasavetskaya fiction under the red-green flag, anthem kvazisavetskim, under the authority of a man who considers himself Russian.
This version of Russian community that begins with 1945, and find their own flourishing since 1994. There is practically no history, there are only a few points. It is very a short, pathetic, limited version of independence. "
What place nationally conscious forces in this process?
Karbalevich: "We have a situation that the actual process is not natsyyavtvarennya because meant and meant theorists revival. What to do in this case aimed national socio-political forces? Or to continue to fight for your own project?
Or, maybe you should join this process? While this option is very scanty and civilization as sovereign Rosinskiy said, but it is integrated almost all people, and not the narrow circle of national targeted people who were herded into a ghetto. "
Akudovich: "I think it is not the first and not the second. Unfortunately, that unblemished Belarus Belarusian State will continue a tape on the background of society. Marginesy We stay on. But our task — to become tsentrapaleglay marginalia. We must become no ribbon on the side and in the center. This is the fringe that keeps all of civilization.
I do not believe that we must fight for the implementation of a pure national revivalist project. But we should not attach to this process, to make the design feverishly Lukashenko. We need to keep its position, its own discourse and expand it.
If not nationally conscious kept their position, they would never wait to become the main independence day prazdnichkom in the country. Power will continue to catch many people involved in the acquisition of nationally. And let the intercepts. "
Karbalevich "Mr. Rosinskiy, you state that the option of independence, implements Lukashenko — Russian. But perhaps more than any Russian remained external attributes and signs, but the content has changed a little?
On the other hand, you mentioned that in the ideological ground that uses absolutely no state history. But he takes what is in the historical memory of the people. There Lofty Russian war, and it’s Lukashenko uses. And stories majestically Duchy of Lithuania is not there, because, in his opinion, it can not be the basis for the formation of civilization. "
Rosinskiy: "When I speak of the USSR, it is obvious that this is conditional. This time Russian Alliance Lukashenko Belarusian considering specificity. Anyone historic ground, which he uses very scanty, because the latter is limited to sixty years, well, it’s not all. Clearance between the war and the present time falls. There victory is a victory of Lukashenko.’s all. "

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