Masty activists met with the U.S. Ambassador

Official visit of the U.S. Ambassador in Grodno began with Bridges. Karen Stewart, during a meeting with representatives of the democratic opposition identified that positive steps in U.S. relations begin to Belarus after, as political prisoners will be released.
Half an hour before meeting with U.S. Ambassador to one of the activists, Dmitry Kuhleya — acting deputy District Council was called to work with the requirement to return to the company. With all of this in advance Kukhlej warned management of participation in a meeting with the American ambassador.
Before the commencement of the hall cafe came head ideological department executive committee Natalia Dubitskaya and asked for permission to be, she did not refuse. Together with the district appeared ideologue and a man in civilian clothes, who throughout the meeting time shot on video.
Masty activists, despite the official, knew of violations Human Rights in the region, in particular — during election campaigns. Dmitry last, for example, read: people are restricted in obtaining true disk imaging, media administered municipal people astray.
Alexander Zarembyuk remembered how much pressure came under public initiative in the last elections, outlining with all this, that the election was rigged.
Another participant, Leo Bartos said the persecution of District Office, a businessman with whom he works.
Vladimir Kavshovik invited Ambassador Gudevichsky museum visit, made famous in Belarus Ales Belokozy man and his disciples. He also asked likely some configuration in relations between the U.S. and Belarus.
Here that said Karen Stewart
"It absolutely is dependent on the Belarusian authorities. On our side there is a demand to release all political prisoners. Then will be made appropriate steps in the positive direction of the United States. "
Karen Stewart told us that satisfied meetings — and with representatives of the democratic opposition and the authorities of Mostovskogo. However, highlighted that the conversation with the authorities managed more about life in America, than in Belarus.
With Bridges Mrs. Stewart went to Grodno.
In the photo: the representatives of the democratic opposition met Karen Stewart
In the photo: Karen Stewart visited only in Belarus hinged bridge across the Neman
In the photo: Vladimir Kavshovik on memory of the meeting presented the American ambasadartsy picture made with his balcony in Mosty.

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