Mats of the main scene Dozhinki

Now Alexander Lukashenko today congratulated favorites harvest. On the main stage of the Orsha city park they were given Merit — cars, computers and tools.

Prazdnichek started deficiencies remain

Gulliver statue, nicknamed "monument Sasha and Kolya"
Orshantsy ordinary day went off in the city. After the reconstruction of the city’s buildings, streets and squares, which ended only recently prazdnichka, the city looks unrecognizable.

Monument Vladimir Korotkevich moved away from "Dozhinki"

A bust of the famous native Orsha Vladimir Korotkevich moved the restoration of the park, and now he stands in a different place and a different perspective: back to the center "capital" Dazhynak "and face the eternal Dnieper. Tags:, Karatkevich, Orsha, Dozhinki

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