Millions of people in poverty, live creepy and eerie look

Anastas Semenovich: "Comrade Sidorsky and your team, you take a loan from the Russian mafia to your not a good job under the wise management of head chief of Belarus. Our homeland will not give any credit if it is not profitable. Did you have 13 years to go on the market industry economy.’s no other way. necessary to make friends in primarily, with Europe and America. Then the output would be. Example: Lithuania. As her first Bolsheviks pressed gas, especially in the first winter, but they survived. People realized that first freedom. "Freedom is the bread will" — read our dear writer Vasil Bykov. To recommend that you, Comrade Sidorsky. If, Lukashenko, you in Lately not send retired judge and will not move into the woods and taught how to go to the market economy. Start with present a day or friends with Europe and America, make them legitimate requirements as for elections, all political prisoners release into the wild and so on. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "One student said that we do not need in Belarus that cottage and 2-3 storey houses. We all look and litsezreem. But who built it? Millions of people in poverty, and terribly terribly live … We all look know and strangers too. And he boasts that excellent live. Him perfectly. unhealthy people shoot with drug benefits and pensions are small. And who regret? No, they do not regret only talk languages. difficult to live people hard. Just them well as they steal, take, we press down.’s let him listen as well. He listens to some places. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom! "Decent, caring owner, knowing the present state of their own pockets, will never be satisfied with endless festivals, celebrations and competitions. Especially since pay for that huge amounts of money to strangers who panaeduts.Dy to him and if he means with no problems, it’s also great ponder if he needed it all. So where is our owner? Why, with large debts, I stick with the growing Every funny day, we all play and have fun. Do not get us like soldiers Krylov: "Grasshopper dragonfly summer reddish sang, do not have time to turn around, as the winter rolls eyes"? Doskorogo goodbye. "

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