Minsk Tribunal dismissed the complaint historian Ira Commandant

Complaint historian Ira Commandant Minsk City Court considered the least 10 minutes. As a result, the city judge agreed with the decision Pervomai District Court, which had previously refused to open a case against the Higher Attestation Commission of the complaint Ira commandant. Scientist said Radio Liberty, not waiting for another solution.
"This situation showed me, in which the terrible state of the science of history. As historians have placed on their knees, they are divided into opportunists and unconquered. "
Ira commandant wrote a thesis on "The daily life of the Belarusian society in the years 1944-53." The thesis also addressed the theme of repression and human survival in difficult economic criteria postwar Belarus. According to Ira Commandant rated this period Russian times not coincide with the scientific facts. Expert advice in the historical sciences gave a negative opinion on the job.
From the words of Ira Commandant bureaucrats felt that she had defiled Russian past Belarusian people. On this basis, the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission also approved dissertation historian. Ira commandant tried to challenge the decision in court presidium WAC. But Pervomai District Tribunal refused to start a business: the historian said that the Tribunal does not consider scientific disputes.
Meanwhile, Ms. commandant insists that the Bureau violated WAC number of rules and therefore the case should be considered in court. The present decision of the Minsk City Court Ira Commandant calls "another attempt to protect the system itself."
Guzhalovsky historian Alexander was one of the reviewers of the dissertation Ira commandant. In his own review he pointed out flaws and work. But partly it agrees with the views that the thesis "hacked" for political reasons.
"Certainly, I believe that it is very severe and innovative work. She made a harsh application, but its assessment of prevailing ideological nuance. "
According to the historian Igor Kuznetsov, in the last 12 years, WAC has not approved any thesis on repression of the communist era. More than 30 historians recently decided to make a "free association of historians" — in order to protect their rights, do science without ideological censorship of the country. Ira commandant says that he is going to defend his dissertation abroad.
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