Minsk wish to bind to Moscow Russian ruble

In his first address to the Federal Assembly, President Dmitry Medvedev urged the State to make the ruble a strong regional currency. Russian manager wants to go to the settlement with many countries, first with the CIS, with the South American dollar to the Russian ruble. Does this initiative threatens monetary system in Belarus?
Official statistics show: in This year only for the first 9 months of the lack of trade with Belarus in Russian Federation amounted to 8 billion dollars. But Dr. Stanislav Bogdanovich, who stares for monetary situation, said: Today the figure has risen to 9 billion dollars.

Stanislav BogdanovichPast chairman of the State Bank states: first, it is necessary to know what currency wish to receive in Moscow for a trade disadvantage:
"We must also pay something! Russian rubles so we will not. And if they want to force us dollars and euros, which earns Belarus in the West, first converted into Russian rubles, and pay later, so it is not profitable to us. Since on exchange operations we will be a huge loss. "
For example, now, to convert into rubles bucks, you need to pay 3 to 5% of the amount. And if you take the same 9 billion dollars, the loss translate into hundreds of millions of dollars.

Alexander SurikovIt seems that the initiative Russian president prepared in advance. So, salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov stated that Belarusians need to have in store Russian rubles on its own press conference in August:
"The structure of the balance of payments in Belarus leads to discussions about the means of payment, in other words, a single currency. By this causes a negative balance with Russia $ 6 billion dollars just for the first half of the year — you can understand how it will be at the end of the year.
Politically, to be honest, in my opinion, nothing prevents us to begin such a conversation. Since there is no EU Constitution, but in the eurozone. "

Andrei FedorovMinsk analyst Andrei Fedorov says: brand new initiative that focuses on the Kremlin to further bind to other CIS countries of Russia, Belarus first:
"Right in the policy does not go out. Used because all the other abilities. Our motherland wants to bind us to discover, to tighten the zone of its own economic impact. Maybe it is at the moment the most important thing. You only need to start, and then everything will go.
Formal accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation, may not be. But then, Belarus in political terms, would be dependent on the Russian Federation — is not excluded. Specifically, it likely, Now is the main goal of Moscow. "

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