Miron street renamed in honor of Vladimir Pleschenko

Recognizable Vitebsk opposition, who passed away a year earlier, lived on the streets Valentina Tereshkova in the house number 30, the first body now he would be 59 years. Boris Khamaida friend and colleague Vladimir Pleschenko, expressed the view that such an extraordinary way, peraymenavavshy street, the memory of the Vitebsk soldier and patriot subtly Miron. On This time he is not hung flags, but he was able to attach more than one night 10-ka signage on which is written the name of Vladimir Pleschenko reddish along the white.


• Vitebsk: Myron pulled the flag down the river to the anniversary of Vasil Bykov, June 19, 19.06.2007 Vitebsk: Myron posted a flag on the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Pleschenko "19.05.2007

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