Mogilev: 6 copies Herald freedom of conscience — Tribunal

Now Lenin council Interior Mogilev Senior Lieutenant Oleg Pakhomenko activist was on administrative violation protocol. Police blame Sergei Girkin raspasyuvzhvanni in printed materials without imprint. Activist threatened fines of up to half a million rubles.
As said "Freedom" Sergey Girkin, for questioning the investigator did not allow his public representative, a human rights activist Boris Buhelya. Their actions Lieutenant Pakhomenko argued Code of Administrative Violations, which, according to police officer above the Constitution Republic of Belarus.
Sergei Girkin arrested July 20 with six copies of the newsletter "Bulletin of freedom of conscience." Then the police activist became ill and it took emergency medical assistance. Hospitalization Sergei Girkin refused.
• Mogilev: Sergei Girkin beat according to the law "On Police", 14.06.2007

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