Mogilev Anna Ilina and Sergey Streltsov on freedom

Chief, Division of Prevention and Law Enforcement Police Yuri K. tried to confiscate activists flash memory card of the camera. We could not find a policeman legitimate reason to do so. After spending activists preventive conversation, he let them go.
Anna Ilina and Sergey Streltsov
Anna and Sergey Ilyin Streltsov detained when they were photographed white-red-white flag, which launched unidentified. Ilyin and Streltsov accused that they were photographed without the permission of the police.
Policeman makes an order — minimizes flag
Responsible for the deployment of the flag took over an unregistered organization "Young Front. "
• Mogilev detained public activist and journalist, 27.07.2007 • Mogilev to penal institutions were not allowed journalist, 02.07.2007 • Mogilev: T-shirt with the inscription as a reason for detention, 18.09.2006

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