Mogilev ended solidarity rally

At the rally assumed the role of about 20 people. In Dzerzhinsk, police detained a car, which drove the Young. More young people continued to share public transport.
On rally solidarity Mogilev said "Freedom," Paul Seviarynets:
"We were able to break through all the same to Apalonavki, to the place where the colony is located and held Dashkevich. There we met 10s with police cars. There we were taken to the district office Shklow.
When we were in Shklovsky district police department, we have gained a meeting with representatives of the penal colony number 17, which contains Dashkevich. Attended by representatives of the colony Major Balyshkin and security officer, who is in charge of Dmitry Dashkevich. They flatly refused a meeting, but we forced them to promise the officer that they retell our congratulations to Dmitry.
We want to get to Artur Finkevich to work, but he was transferred to work in Mogilev, the commandant. We currently pass Mogilev gift for him — cake — and a mandate to visit him in the commandant’s office, if it can be. "

Paul tells the Seviarynets solidarity rally
Participants of the rally in Mogilev detention
Participants of the rally at Mogilev station
Cake for Finkievich

Colony leaders agreed to transfer a postcard Dmitry Dashkevich , 20.07.2007 • Glass: the rally participants detained , 20.07.2007 • Participants of the rally and congratulated Dmitry Dashkevich with funny day of birth , 20.07.2007

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