Mogilev — the most corrupt region in Belarus?

According to the study, corruption as an obstacle to economic growth christened 57 percent of respondents, and the bureaucracy — nearly 45 percent. The results also allow us to assert that the Mogilev region — the most corrupt region of Belarus.
In the sociological center "Mirror-info" noted that did not put their own in order to find the degree of corruption in the regions:
"We are in the country surveyed a half thousand people. Mogilev region got about 100 hundred eighty questionnaires. And the question was not about corruption in general. People can mark these moments, and may not be noted. That little more pointed, it is so" — said employee of the center.
The department for combating economic crimes Mogilev Regional Executive Committee noted that finding the answer to a question that region of Belarus more corrupt, and which less is simply wrong, because it is very hard to find aspects of such research.
Together with the fact in June at a meeting of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus noted growing crimes of corruption. Their huge part of the investigators associated with bribery and forgery.
But Belarusian economist Mike Zaleski important aspect in determining the level of corruption to consider the time in which bureaucrats do what someone needs. The Economist notes: Belarusian corruption denial do not know, but — of slowing:
"It covers not only the highest level, which have mean employees of the department for combating economic crime, and all levels of society. Every petty bureaucrat: Commandant hostel The passport — waiting until you throw them in the beak. And does not. Or makes it very slowly. "
Bribes in Belarus, according to Zaleski, much less, for example, than Russian:
"Two hundred bucks ensign recruiting office, two hundred bucks there teacher. Compared with other countries, it’s a penny. But they are indicative of the levels of wealth of society. We — Shard Russian Union, and we have corruption remained Russian. "
As for bribe, here economist Mike Zaleski not quite right. So, in late August in Mogilev detained director of the local agency and state registration inventory. For assistance Moscow businessmen tried to give him a bribe of 45 thousand dollars.
According to the chairman of the Mogilev Regional Association of Businessmen Union Tatiana Kozlovskoj, Stock options are often faced corruption specifically owner:
"If a businessman is threatened penalties, it will try to find some methods to pravyarannikam agree that these penalties reduced. The more regulated with no matter what the administrative procedure, the bureaucratic svavolnitstva and corruption."
According Kozlovsky, Belarus — the only country in the world where the tax authorities have plans for fines, and it fertile ground for corruption.
Krichevsky journalist Sergei Uneven considers agriculture Mogilev corrupt. He cites the example of agricultural enterprise "Belle" that Krychavshchyne. There Committee municipal control exposed massive Registry and the District Tribunal is currently considering 20 criminal cases:
"Some funds, in other words donations that came from the country, found themselves in the pockets of officials. Committee municipal control several years ago established facts of these additions, but regional authorities are not allowed to withdraw the criminal case. And only in the past year, courts have held. "Tags: corruption, Mogilev, bureaucracy

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