Mogilev three hour police siege stayed Polish citizens

Together with the Polish guests siege kept still about fifteen people. Three of them — the activists of the youth organization "third way" of Minsk.
6 police officers, three of whom were in civilian clothes, broke into the yard personal home when work has already begun. The hosts managed to close the door and remained in the house for more than 3 hours.
Managing regional organization BPF Grigory Kostusev, winner of the house called the police outfit. With the arrival of armed militia squad subsided.
As a result of negotiations Poles agreed to come back together with the police to the hotel where they had left their instruments. After checking the passports of citizens of Poland have allowed to continue to stay in Mogilev.
Execution of German guests passports delayed almost an hour. Policemen from the Germans sought to get the invitation, because, visas, those are in Mogilev for business purposes. After painstaking analysis of the Germans also released.
Execution of documents took place in the lobby of the hotel "grave." Policemen refused to comment on their actions.
Memories of the siege and the case with representatives of law enforcement agencies expressed "Freedom" one of the Polish youth activists:
"It was the first situation, when I met with the security forces in Belarus. And it was not very nice. I could not trust them: it seemed to me, they seek out a method to say that we did something wrong. I spoke with employee seems KGB (it was the people in civil). They held boorish, do not have respect for the law. Because had be very usmotritelnym. "
Despite the obstacles by the police last meeting — convince the organizers. Says one of them, Alexander Ahekina:
"The present day our meeting disrupted. But we believe that we must continue. Our programm will go further — as planned. "
Organizers of the meeting appealed to journalists to not name names guests — that have left them the opportunity to visit Belarus again and work accordingly with applets.

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