Mogilev tribunal upheld complaints activist Tatyana Bulanovoj

Tribunal through activist tried to cancel the decision of the administrative committee of the same district, which fined her June 11 at 155 thousand rubles. Arbitrator Ira Soroka not found a reason to cancel this penalty.
June 11 Leninsky district administrative committee decided to punish Mogilev Tatyana Bulanov for what it is, allegedly violated a presidential decree "On the rules of ordering and content of urban areas."
In the night from 16 to 17 April Tatyana Bulanov and 3 of her friends held ensign of militia Andrey Savitsky. He accused Tatyana Bulanov in putting up posters on poles "Freedom to Dashkevich." His report became the basis for punishment activist.
In court Tatyana Bulanov own guilt is not recognized and the decision of the administrative committee named baseless and concocted. Activist now going to appeal the court ruling.
Tatyana Bulanov
Tatyana Bulanov before the tribunal to consult with human rights activist Boris Buhelem
Mogilev: Tatyana Bulanov fined 155 thousand rubles, 11.06.2007

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