MPs will sit again as if mice under a broom

Orsha held yearly official prazdnichek crop "Dozhinki." Expression on the subject, also commentary for the performance of Alexander Lukashenko in the following call:
Man: "This is a live broadcast, Orsha" Dozhinki. "He looked at all these chairmen of district executive committees — where such boars scored? They centners all."
Man: "On" Dazhynki "Alexander Lukashenko came to the last point. Raspinav opposition as those homeless. Stated that nowhere do exclusively in political games and play against the authorities act. Writer Joseph Brodsky also did not work, but got the Nobel Prize. "
Man: "Alexander Lukashenko on" Dazhynki "always read" Sprashyvaytse some places work? Frame in opposition some sloths. "
Madam, Mogilev: "Lukashenko’s statement concerning the recognition of the EU parliamentary elections in Belarus illegitimate and stop dialogue with the EU. Really hope that it does not work. Arguments for the elections illegitimate — more than pretty."
Continuing program from SMS message from a listener of Fame: "Most will go and vote — against all faster. Baykotniki themselves terribly discredited, because the elections — the only legal way to change the government."
On the elections and the following calls:
Spades: "We have one candidate stands Kvasovtsy. All the people they say: beeresemavets. He is one, there is no choice."
Man: "Rayon our employees, they are not able to hold elections democratically. Finally we get such a parliament, which was previously: toothless, who was sitting quietly, like a mouse under a broom."
Spades: "I would like to know what will happen with checks" property "? Who deputies or candidates raises this question? State assets are sold, and there and our checks."
Expression commented favorite campaign "For Free Elections" Viktor Kornienko:
"Unfortunately, Ms. Hope pochetaemoy can not be met through this very Chamber. This is not authority, but a democratic decoration that uses mode. A decision — and checks" property ", and other important decisions — they accepted peremptory vertical. So what’s candidate applets at anything. "
Next listener asks:
Man: "I have such a question. What should be in this step, the struggle against the dictatorship of Lukashenka What this has to do ordinary people, also a member of the opposition party? What should we do to overthrow Lukashenko dictatorship?"
The question editor responsible public this week on Radio Liberty Alexander Dobrovolsky:
"If the question of the dictatorship, the ordinary means such as elections, not solve problems. Indeed, elections are converted into a farce. First, I would recommend not to cooperate with the people who work for the strengthening of the dictatorship and electoral fraud. Nesupratsovnitstva with dictatorship — this is the first step. "
Continue aaplet statements on various topics:
Man: "On the question posed by a listener" Freedom "as Lukashenko managed to come to power, I will answer followed properly. It all started with the fact that so far no one recognizable member of Lukashenko headed the parliamentary commission on the fight against corruption."
Sir, Pinsk: "Last week, our president came to Pinsk. I, like many Pinsk dwellers, disappointed his trip because he would not even meet with people."
Man: "September 23 — day of birth of the poet Arthur Volsky. He adored Belarus, traveled a lot and thought that no best country than Belarus. Belarus This love he passed to his students at the school where he worked as a teacher of the Belarusian language."
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "I went into the apartment and immediately includes" freedom. "I like to listen to all, as any transfer of fascinating in its own way. So I would like to hear" October with Danchika. "I believe that my proposal to join other listeners."
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