Multipurpose fighter Su-30cm made its first flight

Multipurpose fighter Su-30cm made its first flight Multipurpose fighter Su-30cm made its first flight
September 21 at the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Company» Irkut » (Comes in the «United Aircraft Company») made the first flight of Su-30cm, designed JSC «Sukhoi» and created for the Defence Ministry.

Plane flown by test pilots of «Sukhoi»:

— Crew commander — Sergey Kostin, test pilot 1st class;
— navigator — Malovechko Pavel, honored navigator RF test.

The flight lasted 2 hours passed without comment.

Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm is forthcoming development of the family of combat aircraft such as the Su-30MK. Specialists of JSC «Sukhoi» adapted to the requirements of Russian fighter in the part of the Air Force radar, radio and municipal identification, ejection seat and a number of support systems. Also made the configuration of the weapons.

Agreement to supply troops in 30 multi-role fighters Su-30cm in the period up to 2015 between the Ministry of Defence and JSC «Company» Irkut » signed in March 2012

As stated at the signing of the contract Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, further entry into the Armed Forces of the modern super-maneuverable double Su-30cm significantly increment Russian Air Force combat power. In addition, the technical capabilities of the aircraft allow you to achieve more than the highest level of pilot training, which is especially topical in connection with an increase in the volume of purchases of combat aircraft of the latest generation.

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