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Favorites of the past 11 weeks
1 week: Kasia Shtirlitsa Ales Osipenko, Alexander Kushner
Week 2: Alexei Ozhinsky Lyudmila Prakopau, InSomnia
Week 3: Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Lyudmila Vitushkava
4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec
5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski
6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych
7 week: Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka Vadim Gaydalenak
8 week: Eva Gilevich, Minka, Sergei Mikhal’chuk
9 week: Vladimir Tkachenko, Sergey Peles, Valerina (Valeria Koustova)
Week 10: Syrel Anna Lena Luetke, Zorna
Week 11: Dmitry Bodevicha (prize heroine of the plot), Vladimir Sergeev, Anton Yakutovich
Attention favorites and participants fatakonkursu "My Belarus"
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REVIEW FATASKRYNI filming WEEK FROM essay Favourites TOPIC correspondence from the master (the journey to Mount Holy)
Belarusian tourism product — the Light of your photos, friends!
Light, incidentally, is not equal to the rainbow so pretty-flowering or blithely smiling what a human we all are not shy, especially in summer. Now, apart from the rest, remember the sad chronicle of "unknown Mozyr" forgotten monument of architecture on the "strip" Brest Fortress, brick destroyed estates for the cathedral in Kobrin, Dzerzhinsk mountain, which is not yet a saint, but became Koydanovo Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region. But funny enough, and light will be compressed and fields, and even about a cat that fell off twice izshel — and though that.
Kasia Shumskaya "With minutes if in a foreign land, I stood silent in the Occupation Museum in Riga, and later at the monument to the victims of Communism in Prague, my story begins about Belarus"
Where’s my territory … In the past fatavypusku Katya Mintel thinking: it where they live Patriots — here, there, now. This is a ray of freedom. Sun. My flag.
Katie picked up the motif. It felt good to the last address.
Letter from Catherine Shumsky, creators of the award "cornflower theme" 4th week: "Where’s my territory … — she writes. — The July trip abroad left me with a very strong memories. Specifically minutes if in a foreign country I silently stood at the Museum of the Occupation in Riga, and later at the monument to the victims of Communism in Prague, my story begins about Belarus.
My homeland source — from malehankih provincial town that Pripyat, the town of my youth, freedom marred town and shot pluses, which 10s or, for sure, weave in Belarus … We, small gymnasium, a lot of walking through the squares and mounds town, listened to what we read: and scenic views, and heroes-partisan and labor glory … another we did not know … My first, already grown and true memories from Mozyr unknown to me, where I was born and live (Kasia doctor by profession — Lead.) Open I treasured strshnuyu, another history of Belarus … Has long wanted to raise the subject to reflect it in the photo, here, in the end, I try to do it. Shooting deprived festive elevated feelings and moods may be more characteristic of the summer competition, but still … and this is my Belarus ".
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (1)
"St. Michael’s Church, 1760-75 gg., Mozyr, Gomel region. Here in the slammer NKVD in 1937-38. Was shot about 2 thousand mozyryan. Maybe — writes Catherine Shumskaya — non-existent in those lists I need to find Shumsky and I. own grandfather, whose family last beheld in 1937 … Someone looking at the photo prints, and remember the "Road to Kurapaty" — specifically Mozyr icons begin to film. "
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (2) Faith, Hope
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (3). In the courtyard of the church: to stop and read
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (4). Endless memory …
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (5)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (6)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (7)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Page concealed Stories (8). "Once again, we stayed with our dead alone" (A. Lukashuk)
Sergei PALACE "concludes another week fatakonkursu" Freedom ", and I hasten to send at least a few more of their own pictures"
Another post from Sergei PALACE (prize ninth week).
(C) Sergey PALACE Kobrin church. While living here in Kobrin been Romuald Traugut — General Teran and rebellion of 1863-64. Place very shortly also associated with family Kosciuszko.
(C) Sergey PALACE Ruzhanskaya geese in the palace Sapieha
(C) Sergey PALACE Vidocq with Mukhavets bridge over the central part of Kobrin. Case St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in 1864-68 years. of bricks seized and destroyed estates participants in the uprising of 1863-64. The building stands on a mass grave Russian soldier that died in the battle with Napoleon’s troops (1812).
(C) Sergey PALACE Landscape after the storm
Sergei Mikhal’chuk: "I understand that the Belarusian people deserve everything that currently has earned and Chernobyl"
"I am sending the contest pictures of Dominican Monastery, which is located on the territory of the Brest Fortress, — says Sergey Mikhal’chuk from Brest. — The monastery was built in the XVII century. Once there was a military hospital. Currently building in a terrible state. Killed on sight. I go to him, hesitantly wander the corridors, looking at the battered walls with agidnymi inscriptions on the bottle of "ink" that fall under the feet, feel the unbearable stench fekaliyav i do not believe that there was once a monastic prayer. I understand that the Belarusian people deserve all that has now earned and Chernobyl. Maybe very cruelly, can not have rights? Then a look at the shooting. "
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (1)
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (2)
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (3)
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (4)
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (5)
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Brest Fortress. Where praying nuns (6)
Publication debut Svetlana Marchuk from Minsk. She photographs and writes poetry, makes his poetic palette of form and expression. Fortune, Svetlana!
(C) Svetlana Marchuk We come out of darkness into light
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Heart filled with light
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Church of St. Roch from the courtyard of the Palace of Arts, Minsk
(C) Svetlana Marchuk The light of civilization. Patio BSU rector. In the shade of the trees are monuments sculpture historical figures: Gusovskogo Euphrosyne, Scorina. Minsk
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Light and music on Yakub Kolas in Minsk
Svetlana own picture complemented such rhymed lines:
Between the houses, cars and noise and haze Through the years, as free and poet thought, Light and Music fly.
The World Around Us
"Summer prompts — read a letter from Pauline Grynchanki. — If the weather» s under my mood, get out of fatakameray morning in the city. Big, tough and impatient, Minsk can be very lyrical, if you look at individual. On a happy student that defended the diploma and share joy with someone on the phone. On old man who monitors the little boy in the sand, the man in the little square. Various thoughts, feelings, mood … And all this — morning 1 On Days ".
(C) Pauline Grynchanka Morning 1st a day or, Minsk
(C) Pauline Grynchanka Morning 1st a day or, Minsk
(C) Pauline Grynchanka Morning 1st a day or, Minsk
"Not so long ago had a chance to follow the progress of the harvest — I read the news from Valery Kazyuminskaga, 1st of the favorites fatakonkursu. — Occupied live view, even made a few frames to send to your pages. On a small field — 15 acres — worked seven harvesters . plot rye shook for an hour and together have moved to a new field. I was pleasantly surprised, and coordinated work of the combine, and expanded view of cleaning.’s one thing if you look from time to time on TV, and quite another if all at once before the eyes. "
(C) Valery Kazyuminski A few moments — and the field will be lined with rows of the sacrum to the spikelets
Looking at this picture either, sp.Valer, I could not help thinking about one and not a bad rule for skoshvanni grain: the direction of movement of units — from the center to the periphery of the pen, which allows time to save the animals and birds. In our case, a rather soft-spoken, the divine rule ignored. From time to time it to go consciously, deliberately, to pound the living death in the corner … Unfortunately, no amount of peering-interested, negotiable cases not seen in our lifetime.
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Vacationers stayed and watched with great enthusiasm "process" harvest
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Image is compressed field (along the route to the airport Minsk-2)
Picture of Nicholas Ilyuchuka which debuts. It offers between the statue and the situation in Belarus to find parallels (creator of the work place and Nicholas did not name).
(C) Nikolai Ilyuchuk While in bondage, but with the hope of winning
Another debutant, who asked to be called Dialog.
(C) Dialog Crane Cemetery in Minsk
(C) Dialog There is no escape? 2nd district Vesnysnka
She Pavlyukavets: "I try to look at the world, at the ordinariness of my life and Belarus through photo birds."
(C) It Pavlyukavets Attentive gaze
(C) It Pavlyukavets Swan triangle
(C) It Pavlyukavets The peninsula
(C) It Pavlyukavets Loneliness at the crossroads
(C) It Pavlyukavets Short misunderstanding
Joyful letter about the cat:
"In the fall there will be three years since I picked up in the districts of Bald Mountain reddish cat — says Oksana Luniniec. — Call it Fall. Initially, she rushed to the bird from the 9th floor and survived. And not so long ago — in the 6th — and no scratches. Belarusian real. And states in their native language. And the same burning, as the summer of 2007. "
(C) Oksana Luniniec
And another shot sent Oksana earlier. Also on reddish cat. As a reminder that more … DO NOT fall.
(C) Oksana Luniniec Autumn mirror
Slawa Mogilev: pictures from my window.
(C) Slawa Last beam
(C) Slawa Mogilev biker. Not any pazerski "glyamurny" Harley and the real true-unit. Know our own!
(C) Slawa Eared dog
This green grasshopper-ridden cricket to us from the Polotsk. Greetings from Vadim Titov.
(C) Vadim Titov Sudden Guest. Well, show me how you go out there!
Picture WEEK
Flower Polessye: "Do not drown!" (Prize — radio)
The last time I presented a new name. Vadim live outside the homeland. If navedyvaetsja home takes a lot of traveling through Belarus. Instituted a series of "Landscapes Polessye" of 3 photos that sent the attention of perfection memories creator and subject purity fixed place, now has a more successful sequel, which was awarded the prize. Of 2-publications I highlight three of the more successful Vadim "Nerush shore" (the last, eleventh week) and present two songs "Flower Polessye" and "Hot day". Unfortunately, the creator does not provide a clear geographical information regarding the captured scenes (which saves the river and what the terrain, what a flower and what river flock, where that leaky roof buslyankay and so on.). Hopefully Vadim writes about this in "An Essay on the favorite." And yet — congratulations.
Looking at the beautiful scenery marshy Vadim (like many others on the pages of our fatakonkursu), then I thought that this is the best state Belarusian tourist product which needlessly strain the power to do now. Failure and disaster in that moment and valuable in most cases does not mean either destroyed and created strshny ersatz and substitute (I have not mentioned the first case the words "line" and another is "Belovezhskaya safari", which is said to mouthpieces system yes more).
(C) Vadim Flower woodland
(C) Vadim Woodland. Hot day. Salvation
(C) Vadim Woodland. Fisherman
(C) Vadim Woodland. Graces
Aimed at certain subjects intertwining of the 4 pictures (prize — radio)
(C) Yarosh Near the wall in the porch of St. Anne’s Church in the village of Mosar Gluboksky district
(C) Yarosh Before the service in the church of the Holy Trinity in the village Zhodishki Smorgon district
(C) Yarosh About baroque buzz in the village of Svir Myadel district
(C) Yarosh At the Barbican (annexe) former Carmelite church in the town Zasvir Myadel district
Shooting mostly from various points Belarusian space perfectly formed one theme that stands a good assessment creator, who was able to see it and fix. "Quiet" theme has a special way of life of the Belarusian province. Ah well conditioned own plastic weave the creator: "Great tastes of different calibers and standing on the porch, remind me of their respective owners — people of different ages, from time to time zigzag fate, and the road that leads to the temple became one — and for the great man . "
Maybe Yarosh drew attention to the phenomenon of what is meant to do in the society of net tradition: always go to the temple on the bike so special solemn transport, which can be compared unless the stroller or carriage.
Fragrant sun (prize — radio)

(C) Ales Pryshyvalka Fragrant sun. Picture made on the shores of Minsk Sea
This year, enough heat and rains — the grass grew to fame. Snapshot successfully symbolizes the fruits of land and rights in favor of pets. Vitamin winter product collected and photographed, their hopes, taken away in the barn. Shred the creator of the image is encouraged. Congratulations, Ales, waiting for a new one.
Essays FROM Favourites
Anton Yakutovich eleventh (last) week. Pictures from the photo archives of home (1937): "Against the Stream", "Melodies of the Motherland."
(C) Anton Yakutovich Against the current
"Snapshot" Against the Stream "can not be called at random …"
"Thank you for helping my attention to historical snapshot. This is a victory of our family» and, at first — my great-grandmother. Since she belonged to a photo, and my grandmother kept them.
Great-grandmother’s name was Apollonia Antonovna. She was born into a Polish family comfortably and». Youth held in his home country, a lot of traveling, playing sports, including veslavannem because snapshot "Against the Current" call can not be accidental. Moreover. Right behind the happy youth moved sur» harsh topical tests. After my grandmother came from my great-grandfather and remained in Pinsk, her ancestors did not want to admit it, the marriage was considered unequal position and their family».
Then grandfather was persecuted and exiled to the virgin lands in Kazakhstan. Went after him and Apollonius Antonovna. Life there was unbearably cruel. Soon grandfather fell ill with cancer and died. Great-grandmother raised without the aid of other offspring. After a wave of restitutions, passed in 1953, a great-grandmother with her son returned home. It did not break lihaletstsya years, she continued to live intensely, wrote an article in the newspaper "Pinsky Gazette", all looking for their own way and was really strong-willed person. That’s why I referred to the picture "Against the Stream" as the only way and not in another can be characterized by a difficult-to-date picture of the heroine way — my great-grandmother.
Anton Yakutovich
Jure B. Thank you! See you next week.
Valery M. Of all the proposed topics worthy of attention. In particular, "nuclear power plant in Belarus." Send remains. Time allows.
Paul K. Continued competition is not planned. Will be something new — look for transmissions enter into pages, submit ideas.
THEME from the master
"I do not ascended to Dzerzhinsk, and Belarus to the Holy Mountain — the highest point of the hill country and Minsk. With feelings physically geographical climbing I also experienced a sense of moral and" dive ".
One of the days of the week evader happily "coincided" funny day with my birthday, I left everything and went to the Holy Mountain. Immediately give tribute page Belsat (1971), which is near the most modern name of the highest point of Belarus — 346 meters above sea level — and falls old (pre-1958). It was curious at the same time with another track, how to create a "national tourist product" of Belarus, which are increasingly often and talked krasamovnichayuts Belarusian authorities. Either gather additionally taste and awareness, there is in fact a creative seed of creativity, rather than destruction of the state space, the substitution present and valuable — substitutes antyestetyki? then go and see everything on the spot.
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (1). The construction of the "object" not announced a tender for the TACIS program there, it created a local DCS
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (2). Or shall flow streams of tourists here? .. This is my silent-minor question remained there on the mountain
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (3). Before you enter, for some reason I hesitated for a long time.
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (4). With feelings physically geographical climbing zvedvav I also sense of moral and aesthetic "dive." The object is very much like a mass grave second half of the twentieth century.
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (5). Two tops — Holy Mount and collective and state farms
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (6) Local funeral services, of course, tried very hard to
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (7) View state farm zernyasushku Moreno, plowed slopes so close mixed forest
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (8). On a beautiful stone (thanks to those who found him and then put) I sent my towel Charm laid flowers native flora, so little pamedytavats yes goodbye with the highest place in Belarus
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (9). Own transport tongued I put next to the newest car park. The building on the right loaf I might someday be revealed otelchik museum or cafe or all together.
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (10). Sovereign borders Belarus air defense installations are protected, that is placed in the near neighborhood, where I was not. Was exciting to stand and look at the remains of the former state farm Fame (now the property belongs rusted SEC "Lighthouse")
(C) Valery Dranchuk The Holy Mountain (11). The road back. Shamrock fields along the highway gave pleasure soul and supplication disgusted. Remembered a small canvas A.Gorevskogo "Shamrock Flowers" (19.) From the halls of the State Museum of Art. Dygital-palette Gilyarovicha Apollinaris, naturally, could not then imagine.
(C) Valery Dranchuk Vyazenskaya River (1). Colorful Congress-turn on a country road promised sudden memories. So it happened
(C) Valery Dranchuk Vyazenskaya River (2). Ford on the creek Vyazenskay — left tributary mustache (Neman pool). No roadside marking symbols I, incidentally, saw neither here nor there, where moves Usu
(C) Valery Dranchuk Vyazenskaya river (3). I razbuvsya and stepped into the real state tourism product. Wave river simultaneously removed lethargy and easy mlosts (day was hot), and heart beat with joy and pleasure
(C) Valery Dranchuk Vyazenskaya river (4). The bottom of the river was covered with small stones, and the banks of the river overgrown mint
(C) Valery Dranchuk Vyazenskaya river (5). The remains of the former bridge like testified that State tourism product was late by about a century. Need to catch up!
Wishing victorious light in your hearts and cameras
Valery Dranchuk

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