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Light liberation Crosses
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich. Light Liberation Cross Village Grozov (storm) Kopyl district, Minsk region.
"Cross set in the 1990s in honor of the 2nd Regiment Grozovsky defenders BNR (created in November 1920)" — quoted by the creator.
Theme of memory and suffering on the Belarusian land was continued for another two subjects Dmitry Zenkovich. (C) Dmitry Zenkovich. Sluchchyna. Once there was a village Krushnik, burned the Nazi invaders in February 1943 …
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich. Transitions village, burnt by the Nazis during the punitive operation February 23, 1943 (also the village were burned Krushnik and 5 villages). Along the road on the ground houses are monuments with the names of the inhabitants. Ladies, children, the elderly … Specifically about the catastrophe of the village wrote "Khatyn story" Ales Adamovich. Slutsky district, Minsk region.
Dmitry Zenkovich — new name in the pages of the competition. Chap. continuation of the publication in the "Fatherland, the place God" and "atypical decorative" landscapes in the style of the regime of culture. "
(C) Sergey Goodilin. Tears of Mother patriot. Monument Zhodino
(C) Pauline Grynchanka. Sail Freedom (Turkey)
"In a strange land — says Polina — nostalgia begins when soon there mention of Belarus. Then like magic, as a reminder. Emergency appeared, if not one or two, but a dozen white-red-white sails appeared in sea place. "
(C) Catherine Shumskaya. Horizon Liberty
"Thanks for the shoe shop logo color that came on my picture so bright Nationally conscious and breathing freedom," — wrote Catherine of Mozyr.
(C) Pan Mykola dreamer. Protz on earth. Fighter
Fatherland, place, God
Eva Gilevich from Borisov own light bestows close roads. Her lyrical note revives the memory of such a line, and the poet: "Hurry to catch break their soul …" — whether vosled meet everyone who hurry.
(C) Eve Gilevich Aboriginal way

(C) Eve Gilevich Homeward Bound. Village Ustron Borisov district

(C) Eve Gilevich Straight track
Olesya with Schuchinschine (so named creator) is intriguing from the first words: "I am sending you to Belarus is not" perfect ", not so that you see on postcards and marketing brochures, but such as it is, in Merkle life. Intends to portray the Belarusian village and its grave daily work. Hopefully, you will need a theme for you. guy in the pictures — my poor tired grandfather. Pictures made in the village Topilishki that Schuchinschine. "
Thank you, Olesya. Your shots, though not all with equal properties, in fact entice your sincerity and compassion for "lethargy" rural human sympathy to your grandfather and home tradition. "Show the Belarusian village, her daily work hard" — infinitely generous and majestic theme that absolutely consistent with the goals of our competition. And if you book it pretty true intentions, for God to help you.
(C) Ales Sidlyarevich My poor grandfather tired. Topilishki village, district Shchuchin

(C) Ales Sidlyarevich With stallion. Topilishki village, district Shchuchin

(C) Ales Sidlyarevich Expanse. Kids in the districts. Topilishki village, district Shchuchin
"Here are some pictures of my native village Shchors — wrote us this time Valery Kazyuminski, winner of last week, the constant participant fatakonkursu" My Belarus. "- Once a year, go there and always bring home the memory imprints. Together with the fact that a day or realities of the present. Everything changes … Places, very dear to me, irrevocably disappear, leaving forever. But the loss of concern not only to me, because it’s not my personal one treasure that I am grateful to save. This is a national treasure. in the building where I was born (in the left wing of my ancestors — school teachers), as you know, was an eminent library Khrentovich. "
To evaluate fotaapovyad of Kazyuminskaga worth remembering though that Ignatius Joseph Joachim Litavora Khrentovich was at one time (this second half and the end of the 18th century.) Diplomats majestically Duchy of Lithuania in Paris and Vienna, was the head of the academy and schools, and from 1791 — Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Library Khrentovich totaled 10 thousand copies, visited her Adam Mickiewicz, Ian worked as a librarian Chechet.
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Crossroads on arrival at Shchors. Dmitravskaya church built with the role of the French designer in 1776 Ya.Gabryelya yak Uniate. Novogrudok
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Library Khrentovich. In this building for many years housed the local school
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Balcony on which stood the Adam Mickiewicz
(C) Valery Kazyuminski I was born here …
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Quiet courtyard on the other side of the building. Another lament life
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Retired teachers
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Source of water for many generations
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Remains of oak Adam Mickiewicz. "At this point, growing oak under which Adam Mickiewicz worked on the poem" Grazyna "
"Next to the library — adds Valery — for about 200 meters, was the palace of Count. During the war it was destroyed, the central part of the wall remained without a roof. Colored plaster on the walls was strewed, fell off, and rebyatnya collected pieces to draw and write them as chalk. remember how felled remains of the palace of the bulldozer. was it was that way in 1955. And there’s nothing left, only the vaults under the spot where stood the palace. Yes, and they are perhaps a hundred percent destroyed, and soon the track will not . "
Manor palace theme continues Tonya Vezhnovets and Dmitry Zenkovich.
(C) Tonya Vezhnovets Mir Castle
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Manor house in a thunderstorm. Monument of classical architecture, 18. Kapyl district
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Catholic church of 1620 (1649?) In the village of Zamosc Slutsky District. One of the oldest in Belarus. According to the information originally built as a collection of Calvinist
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Pond and outbuildings in the manor park peyzazhnym "Soveyki" (1850). Soveyki village, district Lyahovichskij
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Peyzazhny park "Soveyki" (1850). Second pond to the peninsula. Earlier in the peninsula was a gazebo, which led to the bridge. Soveyki village, district Lyahovichskij
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Landscape outside the village Soveyki
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich Useful. Stork
Wreath Motherland: Warsaw with cornflower and ears
"Cornflower yes Kupala themes divide unreal — wrote me Yarosh. — They joined the crown."
(C) Yarosh Cornflower Kupala
(C) Glory Lone-term
Valeria Koustova together with fotosyuzhetov sent, joyful and full of merry story, without which he would have lost half of the picture very own Belarusian light, despite what made outside Belarus.
(C) Valeria Koustova Belarus girl-
And now a little essay from Valerina. It is so beautiful that I insist we read into it more closely than to look into himself photography.
"The first time I came to Poland in the summer of 2003 with the poet, translator and a decent little boy Belarusian Artemka Kovalevsky: had the opportunity to do better language practice and get acquainted with the culture of the western neighbor — our eyes behold attractions hostess churches and Polonaises.
I — child urbanized, flew from eaves city because the real field of rye me build the homeland did not have to … until the moment when we Artemka, peraskoknuvshy over the fence, the grass appeared in solar rzhey Warsaw. That’s where the phenomenon: in the Polish field I felt myself Belorusochka village, so to speak, in the period zhnyaeyu zazhinok, sickle just lacked …
Photo of me Artemka rapidly, because to us rapidly approaching the emperor, who saw us whitefish over the fence, and was obliged to turn our heads if, in the next few seconds we have not gone out of his vlasnastsi. Maybe he was just a guard, but looked very angry.
Photo was made on the everyday "bar of soap" and quite impromptu — base we had severe: their heads, we still want to bring home nyaznishchanymi, in the hope that they have the benefit of the Fatherland pasluguyuts.
The result of our thieves climb on someone else’s property we have here this photograph, which the poet wrote fatametadam poet. :-) By analogy with the way the ladies in the works in hutsttsy rzhah, which is usually referred to as the "Mother of Belarus" — this photo is to come up with the title: "The maid-Belarus".
And I have hair at the time was painted again "under the rye."
Naturally, it may have pavydurnyatstsa and justify that this field somewhere near or under Ushacha gobies, but we Artemka sincere Belarusian poets … :-)
All the same, the feeling rustic Belarusian, Belarusian from the ground, gripped me on the field of Warsaw is no substitute and will not forget … this is my first rye … After all the same to me, at least, at the time, and my sense of myself in the Belorussian more determined the geography of the place itself. Here ".
"Atypical decorative" landscapes. Heavily in style regime-camp culture
Nesezonny shot from Roman Zabela. But put it as an excuse, as an illustration of the exciting observation and reflection creator burning status and protection of cultural and historical environment of the Belarusian capital.
(C) Roman Zabello Apart from the bustle
Roman writes: "I love walking around the center of town and discovering hidden. His eyes see how the city is destroyed. Dies quarter after quarter. Not since destroyed many stone buildings, as well as their rebuilt. Not so long ago we could find courtyards, who were imbued with history, "the smell of time." At this point in their place litsezreem scenery with glossy facades, gaping shirts, adorned with stone blocks. Instead monuments — the scenery. bolshennomu Scenery for the play. town lives and exists. fact remains the spiritual life , continuity of generations, that power — mitusenne employed Minskers. And it’s nice to meet and behold, if someone from time to time myself doing another reality, another city, known only to him. Another — in other words a living … why he decided to send only this the picture. "
Instead of memory — glossy facades, instead of monuments — the scenery. Correctly and contritely. And from time to time "scenery" in this style, like say this camp-culture regime brazenly captured and injures the soul. Word of our creator Sergei Mikhal’chuk Brest. On its image as the creator ironically notes, "very beautiful Vidocq on Brest Electric Plant" — print production stability and well-equipped environment.
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Production landscape with front up
"And yet, — adds Sergey. — In one of the Brest Fortress is an extraordinary place — last Bernardynski monastery monument 17. Currently he is in a terrible state. Quite often overgrown, it stormed the plant. Walls inside raspisanyya neprystoynymi words. Lot of mud. And nobody previously the case. Incidentally, it would be fine, if the air Liberty sounded something to protect the monastery. "
To neutralize the harsh realities, Sergei invested in its publication next plot. "Just birch, lonely i defenseless. Can spend a lot of parallels …"
"Just birch", Sergey, you came to fame in her devout soul lives, and hear a violin melody flick celestial bow.
(C) Sergey Mikhal’chuk Just birch
A series of shots from Soligorsk ("Soligorsk Mountain") Dmitry Zenkovich falls under the heading "atypical landscapes."
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich A series of "atypical landscapes"
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich A series of "atypical landscapes"
Unfortunately, Dmitry, you nothing about the voice of dazzling flower that adorned "atypical landscapes" …
(C) Dmitry Zenkovich A series of "atypical landscapes"
Picture WEEK
Vernisazh Dmitry Zenkovich
Pay tribute to Dmitryyu Zenkovich: His vernisazh of 12 photo (it is certainly not the quantity) came informative and fun, everything — information-intensive, thematically fit and burning. I hope guests will appreciate the website and the initial light Liberation Grozovskii cross with circles, and the memory of the hard times in our troubled land, and his series of "atypical landscapes" and the light field under saveykavskaga Liakhovich.
Congratulations, Dmitry, and I wish you a fruitful new travel this summer.
My poor tired grandfather
Creator Ales Sidlyarevich. Picture placed above. Set of properties of this picture (1st of 3) add that the price and face fatografki when she saw not put people and human pose (kneeling). This and condition, the antecedents and consequences, it may be, failure and guilt of all civilization. All this in a picture, which, in my opinion, falls into the dense social context, at the paradox of the Belarusian stability. Well, just a human being I was amazed and touched by your photo, Olesya. Relics of your grandfather! Shoot and send a new one.
Flying over the lake
Tatiana Myronovych, student of the Faculty of History, since our pages. Was her "Polack" was a "greenish sea. Landscape near the village Chucha" was "Vaydaletka Loshitsa park." And there’s now midsummer "bungee jumping" on the reservoir near Minsk. I was intrigued by the story and I asked Tanya to tell the story of the frame. But first photo shoot.
(C) Tanya Myronovych Midsummer "bungee jumping". Flying over the lake
"It was our" flight "on the so-called tarzantsy — told Tatiana. — Flying turns and photographed. Was very curious. Especially after — that is left on the tape? Since I had a regular plenkavaya" soapbox. "In this frame I immediately sent a note, it perfectly vyraznilasya figure silhouette. After adskanavala and store in an electric version. consider that it is fun for the competition. "
It’s a phenomenal story, Tatiana! Sincere congratulations.
MINI essay FROM Favourites
Yuri Kolbasich, Deepest (Third week photo "Rainbow over the lake Coasting" and "Walls of Carmelites. Rainbow")
"Rainbow — an optical phenomenon" — utter expert physics. "Rainbow — a sign of God’s covenant first given to Noah and his descendants" — utter believer. God remembers about his presence in the midst of people who remembers not to be forgotten through the daily hustle and bustle on your own Creator and Redeemer …
Deepest In district where I was born and live, you can see the rainbow in the evening and mostly only where towering temple tower, which was erected by our forefathers three centuries and a half back. I do not think it is a case. From time to time, two or three times a year, for a couple of minutes rainbow twist around the county, connects your output vicious ground and sky. "Look, a rainbow!" — From excited mood they say passers-by each other and raise their head to the sky, turning to the Temple. Flegmantichnyh in this case is usually not the case. A couple of minutes — moments! Rainbow is connected to the horizon. Because grabbed the camera, selecting a good angle with desperation go home — not in time …
In the past year, in early summer, I was lucky. Rainbow shone and every minute gained strength, later below, there is another. Enough time to reach the old walls and take some pictures. Sorry just did my digicam — series "Soap Dish," which can not take a picture of Prof. properties. Exactly one year later, thanks fatakonkursu "My Belarus" with 2 photo "rainbow series" met guests website radio "Freedom".
Svirepiksu. Got. See you.
Uladike G. Vernal scene with the river has not been designated the title area and the river.
Vicars. Send new.
Pauline G. The rest — a week.
Vitaly B. I’ll see you in a week.
Wishing victorious light in your hearts and cameras
Valery Dranchuk

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