National Bank offers abandon binding to the Russian ruble

Managing the press service of the National Bank of the country Misha Zhuravovich emphasizes that the proposal still under the project:
"Nothing is decided yet. These are the main areas. They will be coordinated and approved by the President."
Reporter: "If the proposals will be taken — what will it mean? "
Zhuravovich: "Let’s go back to the previous track. Earlier, we were tied to a single currency. After 2 years tried — in Russian. This complicates the calculation of other currencies. "
As for consumers, Misha Zhuravovich outlook confirmed some professionals that bind to a single currency — the U.S. buck — will allow to influence inflation and devaluation expectations of businesses and individuals.
Past chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich believes that the need to be tied to the benchmark of 3 currencies — dollar dollar, euro and Russian ruble:
"As for refusal of Russian ruble in the current situation, I think: This is more a political decision. Apparently, Lukashenko decided to drive another wedge into the idea of creation Allied countries — his own idea. "
Stanislav Bogdanovich emphasizes that the preparatory binding Belarusian national currency to the Russian ruble was justified in including, thought Allied countries. Stanislav Bogdanovich:
"Apparently, the move was made true when viewed from the perspective of the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. Economically But this step is wrong. Necessary to focus on the main economic partners — on Russia, the EU and the U.S.."
By Stanislav views Bahdankevich de facto U.S. dollar remained the main reference for the National Bank of Belarus. And today’s offer to abandon the Russian ruble past chairman of the National Bank considers formal.

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