New Swedish «Super Gripen»

New Swedish
Swedish armed forces must abandon some of the latest research weapons systems if they want to find money for mass production of a new company «superistrebitelya» JAS Gripen, the Swedish broadcaster reported Sveriges Radio (SR).

In March this year, the Ministry of Defence has put forward a proposal for the production of up to 10 JAS Gripen fighter model E / F for testing, which was supported by the Parliament (Riksdag). But, according to Sveriges Radio, price research fighter new model (Science and Technology Demonstrator is designated Gripen NG — «VP») was higher than the planned 32-33 billion euros (4.7-4.8 billion U.S. dollars).

Price rise latest research puts the financial burden on the armed forces of Sweden, who concluded that the management of the country should take a political decision on future reductions. Some informants told broadcaster that wants to control in 2013-2014 to reduce the costs of the latest research on weapons systems billion crowns to visit the released funds for research and the creation of new «Gripenov.» At the same time, the army has long warned management that some weapons systems need «badly needed updating.»
New Swedish
Lieutenant-General of the armed forces of Sweden Jan Salestrand (Jan Salestrand) does not wish to open a variety of information on this topic, but said SR, that the situation is considered difficult, «Air Force update is necessary if we want to have the best army aircraft for the period up to 2030 and not to remain the leading countries of the world. At the same time, from a military point of view, it is unrealistic to do at any cost. «

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