New York Mayor: Tymoshenko was a real hero

According to the manager of the Brooklyn hospital "Kings County" Robert Kertsa, Council of New York doctors stated in the patient brain death. In accordance with the laws of the State of New-york, it means automatic death ailing, and so all the machines that artificially maintaining his body, must be disabled.
As they say doctors, both bullets caught in Tymoshenko, were fatal.
"As many as 15 minutes after the injury, in other words before you get to the clinic, Tymoshenko received no oxygen. If person is not breathing for 5 minutes, there is already a risk for severe brain damage. We fought to the last for the life of a policeman, but were ultimately powerless "- show the doctor.
Together with their parents, Leonid and Tatyana Timoshenko Russell (Ruslan) moved from Bobruisk in New-york first 1990s. At the end of the American school of architecture man began to teach in the New York City College. But, as he often said, "the desire to build your own beloved New-york city harmless still overpowered." In January 2006, Russell graduated from the police academy and went to serve in the 71 section of New York. For this time young officer made 15 arrests particularly serious.
As the Commissioner of the New York Police Raymond Kelly, who visited once a day in the hospital with his employee, "Tymoshenko was a brave police officer." "Saying goodbye to him, we could not hold back her tears. We will see to it that the murderer Russell responded to the fullest extent of the law, "- said Kelly.
Disk imaging on police car in BMW, which together with his partner in the night of the incident suspended Russel Timoshenko, were three people — members of the gang. Their faces, like the very tragedy recorded surveillance camera on a house in Brooklyn. Two criminals have been charged with assaulting police officers — they can be sentenced to indefinite imprisonment without possibility of amnesty.
His compassion parents police Tatyana and Leonid expressed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. All this week together with the other residents of the town, he was praying for Russell.
"The agony of parents who lost their only son’s own, it’s hard to compare something. But I wish that Tatyana and Leonid knew their Russell was a real hero," — said Michael Bloomberg.
New York City Mayor urged to pray for the city dwellers native of Belarus, 14.07.2007

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