Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Our Fatherland), gas conflict Lukashenko orders

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" article "Lukashenko ordered the gas conflict with Russia," writes after statements chairman of the State Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich growth of foreign exchange reserves, "analysts say the artificial nature of the gas conflict Belarus and Russia. confirmed their idea that the funds in Belarus is. But the debt is not paid as had hoped — Moscow believe Belarus and poor or give credit or make deferred payment of debt, which also actually saying is lending. "
"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" refers to the director of the gas conflict scenario today the official Minsk. "In light of the alleged economic problems in Belarus Alexander Lukashenko need an image of the external enemy. Artificially made gas conflict gave opportunity Belarusian propagandists again remind Belarusians who povinet all possible difficulties, "- concludes Russian edition.
• Belarus promises now quite settle with "Gazprom", 8.08.2007

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