Night Siege — 10 July

Major sporting events of the last days — "Tour de France", which in This year debuted two riders from Belarus. One of them, Alexander Kuchinsky, in the first step than a dozen miles walked in the display by typing besides credits. Frantsuckae TV imagined him under white-red-white flag. Guests of the portal so discussions are news.
Leviathan: "It’s a pity the guy … Could be lighted on the race, said to himself, has some perspective … A thick fifth point in the leather chair to decide at this point that this must be his first and last start on the "Tour de France …"
Gürgen: "I think that if he engages in such classes velyagontsy spat it with top flight on the fifth point in their seats."
Jay Jay: "Yes, when on a flat stage, which is now all week, go to the group separation and 60-100 km pramayachyts under this flag, I think that’s enough for a couple of strokes. Know very well in Europe, who has what flags all a matter of wording "Evrasportu" there apparently oppositional nest. "

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