Night Siege — 11 July

On forums portal continue to open a discussion news about the arrest of the responsible officer Presidential Administration Vladimir cold that blame malpractice and padshturhvanni to bribery.
Tuff Sallof asks: "And who are you crossed the road," the first deputy chief of ideological control head — Head of the Coordination of the ideological work of the administration? "
skid commented: "He worked in the Presidential Administration Crystal chestnastsi people. Suddenly found in his desk drawer 35 pieces, took and went to hand in lost property office. Tied on the road. Lawlessness ".
Prazident BSCR shocked: "The question is not, whether perceived (what took it so clearly, all take), another question: What do not hit the" senior "or employees that he decided to" clean ", for which it passed? "

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