Night Siege — 16 July

The forums portal guests commented detention in Belarus next spies. In espionage suspect former Belarusian military Russkina, Bogdan, and Korneliuk Petkevicha. According to the KGB, the last major Russian Armed Forces Yurenya, which also passes through this case, he said about his own activities FSB Russia. Yesterday, the TV channel ONT vice-chairman KGB Viktor Weger said that spies — former soldiers who were collecting information for Polish intelligence. As reported in the air, one of the detainees Vladimir Ruskin said that he was recruited Polish intelligence on the ground in Poland. By Russkina, upon arrival in Poland border guards found the alcohol in his car, the amount of which is 5 times higher than normal, and the Polish intelligence suggested not attention given that, if he becomes resident in Belarus.
Ali_Toy wonders: "But I’m not realized … There’s five of them were residents of spies? Either resident was the one who had the vodka? Well, like" I have vodka, means I’m in charge! "And again, I think it will be very valuable observation that the amount of alcohol in the luggage Vladimir Russkina 5 times higher than normal, and also five spies! It’s not just a coincidence? "
Prostoprohozhy: "I, as an individual, which had"Tolerance" in time, very curious information from the Poles to these officers. How many times I crossed the border — never zatsivalisya my "past" … In short, it is true saw Novelist, Mapet show for lehtaratu … "
Enemy countries "Sold homeland for 5 bottles of vodka. Gebe shyzanuvsya. Apachyvayuts Here dead rat."
dime_stuff: "Propaganda lowers the bar all nizhey and below, so it was clear to those who 80-90 because it is less and less remains of those who believe in these fairy tales among young people and the population of 40-60-year-olds … "

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