Night Siege 2 August

Alexander Lukashenko stated that the need to "find the status of legally electric media." "Anarchy in the web should be stopped. Should not let this majestic achievement of the world’s population into information trash" — said Head of State during a speech on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the newspaper "Russian Belarus." Comments from the forums portal
"Pro Gas better let me ponder … Too — forums";
"We need to throw one website —";
"Probably got to forums and was shocked";
Comments from the Network Society minsk_by:
"We need to stop the dictatorial";
"That’s because of such phrases as" dictatorial "and shut us Web J";
"How to begin to filter web, I leave this country. "
Guests of the portal "Nasha Niva"Discussions are a statement of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Our homeland that wants to buy the whole of Belarus, and he say, on the knee will not.
"Our homeland never finish funding Lukashenko’s regime";
"Oh, soon to be funny";
"For spending the last union with Russia should pay."
History teacher and writer from Gomel Sergei Balakhonov in his diary writes about the celebration of the newspaper "Russian Belarus’ own 80th anniversary:" The newspaper began publication August 2, 1927, entitled "Work." In "Black October" 1937 received the title of " Russian Belarus. "From September 1941 to July 1944 was published on the whiteRussian language entitled "sovetskogo Belarus" … All in principle excellent and reasonably, and with continuity. But the fact, that in the history of the Belarusian press is understandable newspaper with the title "Soviet Belarus", which was published from 1920 to 1933. midst name of the responsible editors Stepan Bulat, Dmitry Zhilunovicha Vsevolod Ignatovskiy, Michael Reed. On the pages of this newspaper published virtually all the then-known Belarusian writers. The researchers note that the newspaper intentionally tried to collect all the forces of the then literary BSSR promoted senior creative cooperation and young writers.
Snag is that she "Russian Belarus" missing in today’s pedigree "Russian Belarus."
Information project "Eye" on your own blog congratulates "with days of paratroopers all who consider themselves such! We know that among our guests have a unchanging persons for whom August 2 — prafesiynae prazdnichek it."
"Today, the street is better not to go …".
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