Night Siege — 26 July

On forums portal discussions are expressions Alexander Lukashenko on a conference call about the need to speed up the harvest. Comments:
"I Shvets, i reaper, i bagpipes igrets";
"Some battle reports";
"How can conduct harvest when every day rains come. Here they do not try, do not speed up cleaning ";
"Many who grow grain for themselves at a loss — just to refresh the earth after potatoes."
Blogger barilotti accommodates his diary quote from biographical article official website Alexander Lukashenko:
"The opposition, feeling the lack of" compromising "in an effort to humiliate Alexander Lukashenko, disparagingly called it" selhoznik. "But the President is proud to be a lot of energy production and land gave the people of the village.
"All of us from the village — often he stresses. — Who does not feel the soul of Mother Earth, who just" asphalt Shambler ", he will never sort out the dilemmas of life … This is the only politician in Europe, which takes the truth first as a category of conscience and constantly asks politicians observe moral categories in their decisions. "
On the website "Belarusian Partisan" placed poems that reprezentuyutstsa as folk art readers of "Russian Belarus." That reference:
The gas war
I am a man and I know Belarusian presses on us Russian oil, gas and blackmail. Do not take us Russ, nothing! Thrashed the Germans and we will beat Shvedova And Other susedov. Not terribly us oil and gas. Nope oil — will be gas. No gas — firewood there. Belarusians will cost and without oil, without Russia. But where to find her friends? Neuzh that oil and gas in the past century abandon us? In an age of expansion and war and Slavic commotion?
Comments in society lulu_gov_by:
"It is not clear — to laugh or cry?";
"Heritage Kupala and Kolas not propesh in agro-towns".
On the website "Hvost" review appeared on the new drive rap group = "reddish along the white" under the title "Bloody March." Review contains a small annotation to each of the 19 tracks. Text made with the Russian translation of Belarusian titles — per reader is Belarus. Here on the website you can listen to the hit group "not welcome" in a new implementation.

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