Night Siege — 29 June

Official web-site of President Republic of Belarus acquired Belarusian version. Czyk blogger quoted expression Paul Lung control press service Alexander Lukashenko, this resource "Belarusian announcements": "In our country, the two municipal language, and we do not necessarily have been Belarusian version. " Feduta publicist commented, "Light said nonsense."
On forums portal discussions are measures Chapter Mingorispolkom Misha Pavlov, who rejected a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol police for a day of July 3 and only limited ban on the sale of vodka. "Even if people and drank excessive, it is our citizen, and no one no one gave the right to humiliate his honor and dignity, "explained Mike Pavlov. Comments:
"I have a great desire to topple from Minsk on the weekend somewhere in the woods.» N are guaranteed yanyya fights, broken bottles, face, vomit on the pavement. And in large quantities";
"The ban will not solve anything. As thesmiling, pig gryazyuka will find ";
"But if you will not svyatkovshchyki case with the symbols, and then you can maim and" humiliate honor. "How the electorate is not intoxicated."
The network has a website "Monarchy". In his opening remarks creators are turning to the guests: "Website" Monarchy "was created for education and awakening of historical memory of Belarusians, to spread the idea of reviving the monarchy. There is no doubt that even the usual extension of monarchical thoughts help Belarusians feel dignity and notably in the family» and European peoples. "
Notes and comments:
"I warn you some suggestions: names associated with Belarus annoy followers litsvinstva. Names associated with Lithuania, Lithuanians annoying (or Lithuanians?). Names associated with the Principality annoy followers kingdom Kingdom, Sultanate etc. (contrast ) ";
"And what a dynasty going to revive?";
"Dynasty, thank God, do not need to revive — they already have :) Options: Yagaylavichy, Rogvolodovichi, Gedeminovichi, eklektsiya etc. Most legitymistav — for Jagiellonian".
Bridget_jones2 blogger knows in his diary sketch of life:
"Today, with her husband were in the tax office. Witnessed such a conversation. Chief flies in accounting:
-People who subscribe to the "Sovetskaya Belorussia"!
-From our offices need 300 subscribers!
-We have only 275 people.
-Give lists of those who signed up, we award them the following month will add ".

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