Night Siege — August 10

On forums portal discussions are expressions Alexander Lukashenko"From January 1, we collected 100% payment for the gas, but did not pay, because we had been promised a loan to pay for it. We just threw. Well thrown, so they threw." Comments:
"And I think we are just going to throw. Especially those who do so without looking again decided to support the Belarusian stability. Suppose after these misers not complain ";
"Throw Lukashenko has become commonplace. But why should that affect ordinary people?";
"It’s funny: We do not want to pay for gas, but we were thrown! Who threw? First Lukashenko threw those who paid 100%, well after thrown Lukashenko himself. But he was very upset, too, gave up."
Filosofinja publishes an appeal to the public network:
"On the First Channel municipal television video demonstrated ATN" Belovezhskoe safari "- part of the project Alexander Zimouski" National Parks of Belarus. "For nearly half of viewers (among whom were kids!) Familiar with the industry zabitstsya feral animals for fun. (… ) Amateur "acute" feelings got the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scene razryvannya animal hunting dogs. (…)
Replaced in order to promote environmental sanctify … State TV commercial advertises hunting in a state park. Shame! "
paul_broom narrates in his diary about the call to the KGB, where he inquired about studying in YSU (Institute in exile which is currently based in Vilnius): "When asked why they called me, he said that I should give explanations own stay in Lithuania." Next:
"How about YSU vyznat How to do this? Dean Who? Who runs applets? Where we live? With whom live? Do not I have heard from teachers YSU anti-Belarusian expression and calls to change the constitutional order in Belarus? (…) Talk to me leads Nosov Vladimir, KGB Major, who for some reason always shake hands. During a conversation has a bad habit pryzhmurvatstsa, whereby a memory, so that in the kolkhoz stsyabetstsa. uttered that I loaf a day or two and still agreed to "constructive dialogue", which I refuse. " Comments:
"Tryndets, I tell to you … I’m shocked";
"Thank you for writing about it. When came to me a few years ago, it is very afraid that I will tell everyone about the meeting ";
spadar_ryhor tells of meetings with people in the process of leaflets against raskidannya trial youth activists:
"We stood in the entrance. Flies Gopnik years since the thirtieth starts yelling:" H. .. here you throw! "At this point, I decided to practice Russian. I said," Man will be judged! "He asked me:" You " Young Front? "(Looks flyer).
— Why Disy here no? (Dis — nickname Soligorsk activist — Ed.)
— And it will not be judged.
— And I would razabrats general shot. "
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