Night Siege — August 14

On forums portal discussions are scheduled for about September 1 nationwide strike businessmen who are protesting against the complete removal of checks and products. Comments:
"This mass skochak can not do anything to stop Grigorevichu. Indeed, any of their fears for the crumbs that my";
"They will come slaves, will put them in a glass of vodka canopy, and promised that the Government will understand";
"Each method or an attempt to combat A.G.L. a thousand times better than splitting remarks and smirks. Dislikes method — offer the other."
On the website the Ministry of Education appeared a page where you can download the new "rules of the Belarusian spelling and punctuation," offered for public discussion. The new rules will be considered by the Parliament to provide changes in spelling and punctuation status law. Some bloggers turning their attention, that on the website link for download was written in Russian with errors — "can be downloaded here to see prices" (you may end and, sdes — with source with). In electrical addresses for reviews of Russian surnames translitaravanyya options.
r_a_t__k_i_n_g publishes lists of Belarusian musicians and writers who write blogs.
kanaj in his diary book announces the presentation of Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest" — a collection of essays written by a politician during the serving of "chemistry" in the logging on the north of the country. kanaj jokes: "Sur» severe application for the presidency of Paul Sevyarinets, I tell you to. It also integers two years, "Working with men and lived in the village," once a week for making atchot "Nasha Niva"Who steals the woods who" Maxim "n» e, m … whoever is involved, what Jesus says about it and how to make the layouts national awakening. Stiff truth of life as it is. Filing "atchotu" turned into a book with photos, to the creation of which I have attached. Even if you do not share political views Sevyarinets, acquainted with the realities that await you on rassredotachivaniyu in agro be curious. "
Comment: "If he would run, I’ll vote for him. But as he prevail — packing his bags and ran to Australia! "
limony on his blog shares his impressions of crossing the Belarusian-Ukrainian border:
"I seized two wheels. Their strip was that I vlashtavav at the wedding of my friend. Ukrainian wants to show to friends. Even for this DVD-player acquired, but here such a bummer.’ll Have to run again in Gomel and pee on any of these papers. .. ‘.
Comment: "They will see it, but we do not." (

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