Night Siege — August 3

On forums portal continue to respond to allegations Alexander Lukashenko, who believes that "the anarchy of the web to be suspended."
"Pro Gas thinks it’s better, not anarchy on the Web. Here’s forums …"
"Instead Modera will be responsible official ideology and propaganda department of Office of the President, with the active participation of the KGB … FOR measured web!"
"Yeah, sure, he got to the forums and was shocked."
The forums discussions are also expressions of First Deputy Energy Minister Eduard Tovpentsa about Belarus during the first half flawlessly made a contract with "Gazprom". View:
"Obviously, In the first half just getting gas, and the other turned out that you need to pay …"
"Still in the first half they did not. Rovnenko They even made until July 23, and then began to pull the gum! And what more pumped — it’s not" Gazprom "service have made, and do more for transit earned. A" promise " — it is not a treaty signed on paper, our master has promised too. Russians have good teachers empty promises — in, now seems all night trained! "
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