Night Siege Belarusian web. August 6

Participants Forum Portal discussions are yet another increase in petrol prices.
"These steps can be considered one of the steps to support" Motovelo "; hint what you need have a bike change … "
"This is to wait! And so completely normal: in the subsequent time to awaken, read the article" From this moment liter 92 octane costs 2500 or 2800. "Grumble, grumble but go to refuel …"
"Wages are in place, and the prices grow.’s That, the program improvement civilization? Everyone will be slim and fit of hunger, as will go on foot? If so bad happened to Russia and went to European prices, then maybe we are for prices in the European Union, or at least the World Trade business? "
"In bourgeois Ukraine cheaper fuel costs already for 250-300 rubles, why am I such market socialism?"
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