Night Siege — July 25

The portal burning passion in connection with the mass arrests of representatives of youth movements, the other day on July 27. Aleks_Fon_Lukas nedavmevae: "Yesterday was detained, now tribunal tsikavenka. Certain can not tell what, and even draw, and the guys immediately before a tribunal." Vadim.royko: "Imagine if activists really flyer pasted on the monument Yes opera kamitetskiya for such immediately grabbed by an asterisk would be on BT every 5 minutes — say, so and so, the Vandals, bribed by the U.S. and its nasty assistants, nothing is sacred By evening … ONT tokshov: shoot or hang? "Hilda_:" Something I have not beheld to trap those who spits, throws cigarette butts, urinating in the street, ugly foul-mouthed in public places, n» , e beer truck, and quickly found the offenders here. "
Blog Traffic "Lukashenka2008." Signed "Victor Lovgach" there is an article "Loser" in which criticism of the Belarusian opposition. In her comments to someone under the name Anonymous said: "If the parties do not register, and put the favorites, on TV only one-sided songs in that no one believes even more deaf granny naturally to what people will be pulled! Afraid of everything. Whereof civilian society general question? Put politicians, ministers, directors — all quiet. Nobody knows, is discussed. Pronounced "enemy of the people" — well and good. No info and press — no problem … "
Musicians fired from his job for his role in "Basowiszcza" — writes about this now the site of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Referring to the radio" Radio Station. "This said two members of the group" wall "- vocalist Paul Prokhorov and drummer Alexei Kuznetsov. They operate on a sound engineer Brest television studio. At the same situation and guitarist Berezovsky group" BN "Maxim Litvinets. He worked as an engineer on the farm "Ray." The reason is that the musicians are not given permission to quit work on July 19-20, and left the festival without a permit. "
DEXTA website "hits Dozen" so commented on the news: "In the" NN ", the titles of articles already in yellowish press. Dragged" Basowiszcza "a violation of the labor code." Starboy: "When I skipped work, I also fired. Maybe become a victim of the regime?’re Only create a beautiful story."
On the website "Charter’97" placed fascinating information. It turns out that price discussions with Belarus through the IT call from Russia or not the highest in the midst of other countries. More expensive to call from Moscow only in some African countries. So, the usual cards HALLO MAMA 150 Russian rubles users from Russia would last only 32 Minutka discussions with Belarus. Estimated number of minutes you can tell a story with Senegalam, Rwanda, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Pakistan. At 6 times cheaper will cost conversation with Chile, Australia, China, of New Zealand. A bit more expensive Belarus calls to Afghanistan, Chad, Ethiopia, NEP, Qatar, Oman, Somalia. "
Dima someone on the forum website PMC Minsktrans now left the following note: "The label of international route Minsk-Riga was written in Belarusian Riga, although must Riga. Excellent, that Latvians do not know exactly whiteRussian language, they would just offended that the title of their capital is misspelled. "
"About a year has passed since addition time, our government has changed the basic political and economic relations in the vector direction of China — said now blog Grodno. — That Grodno Oblast Executive Committee marching towards the Chinese comrades, open the Chinese-English version of its own web site under the heading "Grodno Oblast Executive Committee — China / English version".
One of the hot topics of the forum on the website devoted to home appliances flows shower yesterday in Minsk. SelleR + divisible night experience "Lynkov floats up This time … Naturally had to cross the street to get to the parking lot. On the same street could behold a couple of roofs of cars — delivery in the water. "Other memories and judgments:" Yesterday, all floating on the full program there. All the lowlands are flooded into fragments. Livnevki of beautiful fountains. Transport costs, hatches povybivalo batches, so many people got in their wheels. "" For the past 5 years and yearly floods, neuzh that the utility can not do anything? "" Menskgarlivnestok "they say that our livnevki without need of modernization. And then, that occur padtoplivanni, this is normal. After all, it does not happen during every rain, and 1-2 times a year. And to revise communication it will take years. "

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