Night Siege — July 3

The forums portal discussions are speech Alexander Lukashenko on the occasion of the official prazdnichka — days of Independence.
"Goebbels rest!" Those donating expensive — own life, brought the long-awaited freedom ", which you did and destroyed, contaminated the Belarusian people long contagion" Slavery own good "!
"Day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders — worthy prazdnichek for the town of Minsk, but what is there to Independence day of the Republic of Belarus, announced on July 27? "
"… The whole of Belarus was only released July 28 … prazdnichek 1st town can not be prazdnichkom the whole country. Mogilev me as quite sad. And he’s still says that people chose. Such proposals can not even do just as in Minsk quarter of the population lives in Belarus. "

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