Night Siege — July 5

The forums portal discussions are closing in Russia casino and gaming business transfer on the outskirts of the country — to the Far East, North Caucasus, Siberia and Kaliningrad. So makarom, best for the coming, for example, a Muscovite casinos are in Belarus, where the Russians do not need a visa. Comments:
"RB slowly but inexorably transformed in addition RF, like Cuba for the United States. Such small Our homeland";
"If you pull the rope well, in five years or ten they will become our Cuba";
"Where casino — there is almost always bandits ";
"What a nightmare! You understand that is gambling? You beheld victim casino? So forWhat to do from Belarus Las Vegas? "
On the website "Minsk blog" sample placed Russians memories of a trip to the modern Belarus: "When you get in through false, suffocating Belarusian reality begins to seem Our homeland that with all its fits — a healthy modern country. "Another review: WhiteRussian language I am for a day never to be heard. And this is one increased the feeling that you are in Russia — but in a different, another Russian Federation. "Creator Olga Shparaga review summarizes:" The inhabitants of Minsk to This time live desires of the people and the authorities, identify its signs and attributes with their lives. While we do this, Minsk, Belarus, and quite alien to remain reserve imagination and will, no matter what criticism which will hurt our hearts. "
Vilensky photographer A. Antonian criticizes in his diary photos that are on the website of Radio Liberty, but highlights the work of Dmitry Bartosik: "Sudden exception is Mitya Bartosik. (…) Cards made the most ordinary soap box tape, flash forehead fascinating. In a similar style worked Vigie (Weegee) — cult photographer who his tireless creative energy directed at fixing Start New York life of 30-40 years. The shots that made Vigie silly find semitones or deepest shadow detail. Only Blinded and stolen figures in the night. appears from time to time this is enough to impress the viewer in for long decades. Admittedly, Mitya more majestic than Vigie ".
On the website «Jeans for Freedom!" Appeared flash movie, composed of photos of street protests last apzytsyynyh 2 years. According to the creators of the video, during one of the demonstrations, when the police took away people’s flags, one of the protesters threw off his denim shirt, tied to a pole, and so denim Jeans turned into a banner of dissent.
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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