Night siege with Severin Kwiatkowski

Guests electric version of the newspaper "Russian Belarus" editorial comment "If the" friend "was a sudden …", where the steps Russian gas company "Gazprom" compared with the actions of criminals, and the response to the demands of Belarusians fit to pay for gas is determined by the proverb "survived the summer hot, i will survive, the dog. " Comments:
"I understand the emotional article, so that power Russia is not in a brotherly fool, promising loan and does not extradite him. But I think that nothing terrible happens due to higher gas prices ";
"I can not quite grasp outrage film maker — if the trader requests payment for the purchased product, why not a good trader? According to the logic of creation, we can not pay for gas, water and electricity in their own homes, and if the utility will require pay debts under threat of excommunication, to start resent the arrogance and their names. "
On forums portal discussions are about the various places that Belarus takes in different global rankings. Also comment economist Yaroslav Romanchuk, which is summed up in the middle of the rest of the summary: "Belarus drinker, often bites potatoes, tobacco smoke, because civilization, which often refers to the doctors. We live without gratification, dark and often fall into depression. While pretty tough defense its right specifically on the decadent lifestyle. Because soon vzbroyvaemsya. "Comments:
"On» impartial outlook";
"It is clear the last sentence of article — one ratings, and other real life." I can not disagree. Feel the situation can only muck living here. "
In Russian weblogs Eugene Lipkovich diana_janzen user asks: "Why did you write" Belarusians "and" Belarus ", then you are at odds with the Russian language or another reason?". Comments (in translation):
"Russian language is a municipality in several countries, and any of State shall have the right establish its own rules of municipal language. "
"Write for yourself Raseyshchyne as you wish, for you, we do not specify how to read and write right on our Russian language. "
Topic Russian language Belarus develops blogger damavik Saim in his diary: "In the bus:" Follow stop "Hazmag." In other words, "Hazyaystvenny shop!" Offered restore Russian spelling to local idlers and then it was easier. Introduce universal akannya not like "milk" and "milk", not "master" and "master."

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