No you, Alexander G., feelings Motherland

Zinoviev: "Congratulations America! Think that her presence deprives Europe of huge majestic horror energy and political blackmail."
Lady: "Having been in town and I can not Navagrudak. It hurts my soul when I looked at the market price. Currently already July, and tomatoes for 4-7 thousand. In stores 4 and above. How can we, the people, to prepare for winter? Cucumbers are expensive, all precious. Bread in the ill-fated plastic wrapped and made 1080. How people live, if not added any pension or allowance kid? How can feed the baby with today our prices! How can most live? And to feed themselves, shoes and dress! It hurts my soul to look like some moaning, not knowing how to live 120 thousand. It’s unreal! So our people have low salaries! Alexander G. says: "Give birth babies!" How did these kids are born into poverty. In hunger, in cold and everything else? "
Lady: "I wish to ask why your radio constantly protect these businessmen. No matter how I look, so no one runs out of them for real. Drive expensive cars, stroll with dogs panaymali kiosks in any of their own people, who are paid by 200-250 thousand. How is this not the capitalists, why on your radio constantly protect the interests of businessmen? Is that radio from power? "
Larissa, Minsk: "Once embarrassing to listen to that our country someone threatened. These rumors have been seen before. Some of our older people expressed that like us wants to grab America. For certain not only in our country, and in other statesah America — is the enemy number 1. But it is so far away from us!
How do I know the Americans are helping that deliver humanitarian aid to the Chernobyl zone yes honey supply equipment in oncology centers in Borovlyany and Gomel. That such an enemy number 1.
That there was no opponents as inside the country and abroad, it is necessary to negotiate. Need to follow the example of Putin and Bush. No need to find opponents. "
Lady: "Before a day or 3rd of July. His speech on the day of independence of the Belarusian president practically yelled. Play all relaxed it was hard. Oh, and for what? All forward is clear. But in the end the words: "Long live and flourish Russia Belarus!"
No you, Alexander G., feelings homeland, even if you shouted those words in Russian. Vladimir Putin, although it does not love you, but you still need him. So as not to live quietly Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, to keep in obedience to the Caucasus, eastern empire required a lot of effort. Belarus will not have to let go of the imperial arms. But the Belarusian Janissaries or Belarusian guardsmen new, even as it is not in Moscow. And the game, terrible game lasts. For you need unlimited power, Moscow — Belarus. Yes we do not need, as you said, "pratsvitaniya" in the empire. We want to be people! And God help us, that cry of "Long live Belarus!" Was the most expensive for us and really endless.
A solemn procession was very colorful and color, populist, just the taste of those who stood on the podium ceremony. Their faces even in something were similar. Thank you, "Freedom." All the best to you in the work. "
Lady: "On the question of the week that threatens Belarus. Course one person threatened. With that one reason that his policies drove the Belarusians to a standstill. Funds that are spent on those games Vitebsk on July 3 game … What is the day of independence, if it’s just a day of liberation of Minsk? If Grodno, Brest, Baranovichi Ivantsevichy and several other cities were still under occupation? And it is unclear how there …
One occupation came to the second occupation. Socialism thrives around us. Throughout the street Russian persuasion. Out of nowhere Belarusian. You can use your loaf that we do not give any writers, musicians, poets and painters. All we have Russian. All Russian. Thank you for your attention. "
Anastas S.: "What threatens the sovereignty of native Belarus? Only threat comes from the head chief of Belarus — Comrade Lukashenko. Neither America nor NATO or Europe do not threaten native Belarus and never will not threaten. Guarantee — 1000%.
The threat is and will only go from mafia Russia. Without war, they can not live. They certainly need someone to wage war. This in their blood. Now they have decided that you need a loan at 2 billion dollars. "We agree to give credit, Comrade Lukashenko, but let’s not language grind, and create a unified monetary system, in other words, the Russian ruble." And this is Belarus. That’s for you and the threat. Neither NATO nor America to such stupidity did not think. The only way — to send the head chief to resign, to hold elections without the presidency. Long live Belarus! "

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