Nothing is made to change this power

Zinoviev: "Here’s a song Babkin" Kazachka Nadia hell is not afraid to "think about the attitude of Russian pop music to various dictators in the world. Thank you."
Man: "Belarus is perhaps the only country in the former Soviet Union, where it is not engaged in assembling cars leading Western and Japanese companies. Alexander G. and his management for some reason gave preference to the Iranian car "Samand," which translated means "horse." Because Alexander Grigoryevich and his entire government needs to abandon its own armored "Mercedes," saddle Iranian "jumpers" and jump on them somewhere away from Belarus. "
Man: "As usual, the critical remark.’s Heard Mieczyslaw Mushroom and past Minister of Labour Sasnou reasoned, can I throw these people, are presently power, further work after Lukashenka.
It’s funny to say, they have already shared killed bear’s skin. On my eyes, it is not their concern, who change, who quit in posts. Just in regional centers and areas change flag. Maybe even on a red-white or only figuratively vary. That’s all. Swear they are the newest power and will all sit in the same seats. Maybe a little exchange places. That’s all. Everything remains. We once walked secretary and collected signatures for Kebich and currently has campaigned for Lukashenko and later will go and collect the can, and for Pozniak. So this argument for trusting the former municipal manager. Nothing is made to change this government, and already talk … "

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