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Trusts as Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Czeslaw Shulga, the number of foreign tourists visiting Belarus, with each year will grow. In an interview with the emperor Belta Shulga said that in the near future Belarus is increasingly visited by large tour operators of the European Union and CIS. They give a positive assessment of the ski resort Silichi, museum Dudutki, other tourist object. In so called infaturah that organizes company Belinturist with delight involves many Western journalists. According to official estimates, compared with 2005, the number of foreign tourists has grown three times in the past year amounted to 300 thousand people.
Meanwhile representative of the tourist industry of Belarus Ivan Kobzik notes that a significant fraction of foreign tourists visiting Belarus — it is the Russians who prefer Belarusian sanatorium healing:
"How do I know in Belarusian travel agencies in this regard even cause difficulties because resettlement Belarusian tourists because most places are booked in advance by Russians."
"In Belarus do not move because of its reputation"
As for the number of foreign tourists from other states, it is at Kobzik views, is in some places 50 thousand per year:
"I think we’re not quite ready for mass arrival of foreigners in the country. First, because of the reputation our country. Not very positive, but rather the contrary. Here is an example of such can lead. Last year we held a festival of tourist films and TV programs and invited the creative team of Georgian television. They spoke to us, guys, What do you mean? Our colleagues were sitting in your office during the presidential elections. What are we to papremsya for you? Such an attitude towards Belarus exists in almost all other countries. Unfortunately, come to us or to hunt, or to hunt or just give ekstremaly. Moving the same people in Bangladesh and Iran, and Iraq. Well, in Belarus, too. "
"It was necessary to start with the organization of the tourist route in the country, who would go on week"
Berlin businessman Uz Ferderoyter for 15 years to get along with partners in Minsk charity projects. He stayed in different hotels in Minsk, wish to make a corresponding tour in Belarus, but believes that the tourism infrastructure in the country is not developed. As the businessman, in order to rest in Belarus, the Germans need for a good rest before the house:
"Indeed, the need for a good rest before. Take your tourist hotel" Belarus ". It fully complies with the requirements of tourist services. No relevant halls, wherever could encounter with friends, sit and talk. In addition what we offer, it is not inexpensive. Similar class hotel would have cost us less. With regard to food in restaurants, it has become expensive in Minsk. At home in Bavaria, we pay for a similar meal at least no more than the last. Importantly, what is missing and it must tourists — Location of the hotel. It should not just be a good building. It must be somewhere in the mall next to the various shops and stalls. In addition, hotels are very noisy. For some reason, the restaurant must constantly operate at full capacity telly, though no one looks. "
Uz Ferderoyter believes that Belarus needed would start by organizing tourist route in the country, which would take weeks. Day in Vitebsk, Brest and day in Bialowieza Forest, Nyasvizh, worldwide, on Narach in Minsk. On such route there would be a lot of fans from Germany, if the hotels would be organized sturdy bike rental, and forest and park areas were laid special trails for hiking and velavandrovak. It would not hurt, so every hotel offers tourists a map of the town and district, where there is a seating area, in short, would be more fussed about their own guests.
Unlike the Germans, in the midst of strangers, more often visit Belarus, tourists from Iceland are exotic Belarusian latitudes.
Eric and wife Becky Elisa Reykjavik decided last year to organize yourself route to western former Soviet republics, also a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Minsk, the family stayed a day or two. Many memories. "I can think of a variety of items. Our hotel was so ordinary Russian building had three stars and is in the center of Minsk. Rooms were cleaned not very good, tap water is constantly flowing. Restaurants its size resembled large ballrooms, but there were not many guests . Menu with its size resembled the Bible. There were 5 percent of all meals. But the most fascinating began NIGHT MODE. constantly in our room rang some ladies and offered my husband his sexual services. Overall, it was curious in Belarus. "

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