Now Profound will judge activist For Freedom

Yesterday Profound Protest Movement "For Freedom" in the promotion of European values. Activists in the local market movement "For Freedom" color brochures distributed "What the European Alliance could bring to Belarus" and CD-disks in a series of "Songs of Freedom."
By Yaroslav Bernikovich from all participants, police detained only his 1st. "I was detained Colonel Gennady Leonidovich Kachan," — he said Svoboda.
In the report, compiled by Gluboksky activist, a separate line is written that he was a T-shirt with the inscription "Movement" For Freedom. "Mike has been recognized as an attribute of an unauthorized action, because it was taking too much attention Tipo passers, and the slogan movement Milinkevich was treated police officers for political motto.

Jaroslav Bernikovich later arrested for distributing CDs "Songs of Freedom"

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