Nyaklyayeu: In Brno the first time I had the experience of a public reading of prose

Nyaklyayeu said after a speech about the positive aspects of their own role in the festival:
Nyaklyayeu: "For the first time over 60 own life I got experience in public reading of prose, not poetry, and, surprisingly, I liked it. In-2, almost for the first time read the works of the audience, which numbered less than 2-secondary school. And if ever I have a number of people annoyed, but now for some reason do not. Still the same I read in Russian, and they did not understand. And third a good time — that’s what I met a man who constantly asked Belarusians who virtually nothing about Moravia did not know how they relate to Moravia and Moravian people.
I figured here, as they relate to Belarus and the Belarusian people. It turned out that ethe man, whose name is Robert, completely normal, like other students. Here are three things that I am happy and this, in my opinion, is sufficient for happiness. "
Znatkevich: "you have said that you did not understand. But there certainly was a Czech translation?"
Nyaklyayeu: "Yes, there was at the technical level, all was manufactured excellent ".

Nyaklyayeu (born in 1946 in Krevo) — recognizable Belarusian poet, who in Russian while reciting poems in stadiums to thousands of listeners. In recent years, also wrote prose. Number of years spent in enforced exile in Poland and Finland, now again lives in Minsk. In the past chairman of the Union of Writers of Belarus and chief editor of the famous magazine "Krynica" in our days are — Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center. At the festival in Brno read excerpts from the novel "Labuh" (a small piece of it was placed in Ostrava in Czech journal "Protimluv" (2/2007) (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

Broadcast of alive — A 19th HOURS on the website of the festival. Tomorrow — World Luksha, the day after tomorrow — Michal Androsyuk.
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