On Franak Vyachorka instituted administrative proceedings

"Vecherka FV, while in the town of Grodno 9:06:07 about 12 hours on the street. Russian, 29, 31 are not putting up stickers in designated places," — written in the report.
Vyachorka blame foulyl improvement and maintenance of the territories of cities and urban settlements. It can be punished by a fine in the amount of 16-24 basic values. 1 reference value — 31 tyscha rubles.
F.Vyachorka said "freedom" that the administrative committee meeting to be held in Grodno for 2-weeks.
• Young defenders Grodno summoned to KGB and police, 05.07.2007

• In Grodno and detained F.Vyachorka S.Sviderski, 09.06.2007

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