One and the same voter may vote a couple of times

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It is reported that the mission to This time not received guarantees from the CEC that observers have opportunity to make a real control over the vote count.

The report draws attention to the OSCE that the election of the House of Representatives, there is the possibility of multiple voting the same people:

"In Belarus, voter lists are compiled for each polling station, with all this centralized or consolidated list does not exist. Lack of centralized voter registration data on a national or district level means the actual impossibility of cross-checking the names that can be repeated."

Special elections in Sergei Alfer absolutely divides the following conclusions:

"At the present day voter who is registered in one place and live in another, can vote and there, and there completely relaxed. Election Commission may bring totally quiet all the people in the lists or delete them. And find out about this is completely unrealistic.

If necessary, some of the people formally included in the lists. They can come and vote. If not needed, then a huge part of people can be deleted from the list. If one of them and come to the site, he can always say sorry, we were wrong. And additionally include it in the list.

That the electoral system, which exists at the moment in Belarus allows you to manipulate lists of voters are very, very much. That there was no such manipulation, it is necessary to do the same, makingsmiling in other countries — to make the municipal register of voters. "

ODIHR observers turning their attention that in almost all election commissions involved representatives of the same organization or institution. And this, as it is written in the report, "can make between members of the commission regarding the hierarchical chain of command."

CEC member with a deliberative vote of the Joint civilian party Vladimir Romanovsky comments on this conclusion:

"At my polling place where I will vote and where I went yesterday, one hundred percent controlled by representatives of the bakery, headed by the Deputy Director of Marketing. And I can speak for myself: I know that there is a corporate enthusiasm. But he can act immediately.’s criteria and in such a system is born. "

Responsible for relations with the media as part of the ODIHR Ivan Gadarski to a request to comment on the report replied:

"Only salting, our manager may act on behalf of the mission. If you want any comments, we can try to arrange a meeting with him."

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina and CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik now for just a day or not in Minsk. And other members of the commission they say that it is not have the right to comment on the report to the media.

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