Online conference ended with the poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeu

In an interview with "Freedom" Nyaklyayeu said:
"July 27 — day claim of sovereignty Republic of Belarus. Those people who are on the public side of the barricade This time believe that no independence is not present, all this hype and political games — in short, they do not behold the what they wanted in a romantic start 90 years. Official asserts: You have an independent Belarus, and it is unclear what you want?
I have some time — maybe half of that period, while the power is Lukashenko — also believed that this is not the independence that we need. But in the process of evolution — as a private person and our country, society — I concluded, if we miraculously got hold of the sort of independence that we want — linguistic, ethnographic and cultural independence — something likely, we would have no independence. And even the one that exists now. That maybe some fishing or God — I do not know — what efforts the people that "curve" independence just repelled Belarus in order to it over time acquired those characteristics which we first thought 90 and want. "

Nyaklyayeu born July 9, 1946 in the town of Smorgon, Grodno region. Lived his childhood in Krevo — landmark location Belarusian history. He studied at the Minsk elektratehnikume communication (1962 — 1966), the department of poetry Literary Institute (1971, Moscow), graduated from the Philology Department of the Minsk Pedagogical Institute (1973).
He worked as a signalman in the North, Siberia and the Far East, in the Minsk radyemehanikam television studio. Took up journalism, worked in the newspaper "The Banner of Youth", edited the newsletter "Theatrical Minsk", a senior editor of the editorial board of the literary and dramatic Belarusian television programs, the main editor of the magazine "The Source", the weekly "Art and Literature." From 1998 to 2001 — Chairman Writers’ Union.
In 1999 he went to Poland. At a press conference in Warsaw (20.07.1999) issued a statement against the policy Belarusian authorities.
Books: "Opening". Mn., 1976, "Vynahodtsy winds" Mn., 1979, "a symbol of" Mn., 1983, "Local Time" M., 1983, "Thoroughly" Mn., 1985, "Tree of Pain" M., 1986, " Pigeon Post "Mn., 1987," Veda "Mn., 1989," Proshcha "Mn., 1996," Favorites "Mn., 1998," Yes "Mn., 2004.

July 26 and 19 hours, Minsk time Nyaklyayeu speak at a literary festival in the Czech town of Brno.
• Month author’s reading. VIII Festival
• On-line conference with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, 13.12.2006
• Website Neklyaeva

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