Opposition dishonored our country to the world

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Participants of solidarity with the families of the missing beat armed commandos. This is — one of the topics of discussion listeners "Freedom":
Sergey Egorovh: "I join associations plainclothes parties supporting the opposition, was on the 16th day of the rally. They took away my flag and two OMON nothing is not been explained. Will their lament."
Sovereign Zinoviev"After about beating inactivity think first dyarzhprakuratury management in Europe already adezdilasya."
Man: "After the club-rubber ramp Democratic temperature dropped below zero. And count the votes of the opposition will be allowed only Liabedzka because he singled out Alexander Lukashenko for the presidency."
Expression commented favorite Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko

"Alyaksandra Lukashenko run for president and voted for him a substantial majority of Belarusian voters. And we need to recognize and keep in mind this fact. In the last election campaign these votes were already much less, it is also a fact, but it is not lust recognize Alexander Lukashenko. So, it is necessary that the people who voted in Svislach under escort Special Forces? Either in the same special forces Svislach those who take to the streets and protest against the kidnapping? "
In subsequent call listeners Liberty comment the election campaign:

Vasily Sinitskii, Lelchitsy:
"I do not understand why you need the presence of foreign observers in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on September 28. Now, if they participated in the vote count, that’s another matter. To recognize that the elections were not free, not democratic enough and that the House is elected, no candidate from the democratic forces. "
Spades: "I wish to express my attitude towards the opposition. So our opposition Belarus abplyavala, smoked mucky. Which only words she did not find: the most incomprehensible, annoying. And at the moment, this opposition goes to the polls, that she was elected deputies. Yes, nobody will vote for her ! Once she reacted to the Belarusian people, and after she had dishonored our country to the world, as it has made our country a pariah, no one in Belarus will not vote for our opposition. "
Prince"Here Seviarynets performed and read, something that Jesus would help Belarus. And we have Jesus — Lukashenko. As he would say, the way it is. And nothing you do not, you either fight. He himself says that he would rule to 90 years, and later will transfer power to the children. "
Public expression editor commented this week on Radio Liberty Paul Seviarynets:

"There is one comment: the Bible says — Do not make for yourself an idol. But people have done for yourself an idol — Alexander Lukashenko. And then in the minds of people all turned on its head. Regime started people in isolation, did inefficient economy destroyed prospects state revival ruined Belarusian family. And all this at the moment blamed enemies of the regime. "
Continuing program from SMS message: "Now, at 14:00 hours at the monument to Suvorov Kobrin BRYU perceived kids into their ranks. What is being done?"And then the next call:
Man: "I agree with the Vintsuk Vyachorka, that the current head of the country at some point pass the Belarusian independence. But I am sure that independence is put in favor of. Liquidated newspaper "Reddish change" first democratic 90s, do not go magazine "Pershatsvet", where young writers can be printed. The only form of struggle, which at the moment is likely — write in Belarusian Belarusian publications for the few. Apparently, work on the revival of the Belarusian countries translated into today’s schoolchildren. They still see the independence for which they will have to beat. Why did it all happen? According to the Bible, I believe the matter of morality shortcomings that emerged in Belarus. And while these defects are eliminated, all that remains. "

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