Or contribute to the release of the collected signatures Tsaran Margarita?

We appealed to the employee for legal advice from a lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich question: how can assist Margarita Tsaran collected signatures?
Kiselevich: "The Head of State, as well as other senior officials in Republic of Belarus, they can not under the Constitution, by law, to influence the courts. Sentences may be canceled only by the higher courts. "
Although such signatures, in principle, not excessive, when it gets into the Supreme Tribunal, said the lawyer.
"Certainly all the same it is unlikely that it will play a role …"
Julia Anishchik studied with Rita in high school, and then at the Institute. She knows that girls are willing to support her former classmates were signed, most pinned hopes that it will help somehow.
Julia: "We have one adnaklyasnitsa, she enrolled at the Law School, she also signed, but said that probably all the same it is unlikely that it will play a role …"
Rita could get into this situation, when she agreed to find a portion of a former classmate of marijuana? Julia says that her friend is very naive person. This guy, by the way, also tried, but not planted.
Julia: "I know, according to her mother, that he is now very remorseful, also wrote letters to various authorities that it was clean water" base. "
Hope for the Supreme Tribunal
Valer Levaneusky clarifies that the signatures are focused not only the president, but also in the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Tribunal. Hope specifically the last — so referred "Pleasant" — instance of the Supreme Court. He says that the girl could assign punishment without imprisonment.
Levaneusky: "Say it to a friend-buyer sentenced without imprisonment, although they also were committed wrongful acts, with twice — when he first got to the police again and the second time he has worked on assignment."
Margarita letters from friends does not get sews police uniform
Mom girls Valentine Tsaran says that her daughter laments very tired from work and do not have time. Atthan readst that letters from friends not received, although friends write it often. Mom got from her until three letters from the beginning of June, when Rita came to the colony.
Tsarans "She sews and states that this fact is ridiculous as prisoners sew specifically police uniform. Well, here it refers to it, because I’m writing it in one day."
Grodno students and teachers require release Margarita Tsaran 18.06.2007
"Night Siege" — June 1 01.06.2007

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