Orthodox are not satisfied with the cooperation with the Ministry of Education

This second step common applets Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Education, which is implemented with 2004.
As reported by the state news agency BelTA, during the execution of the first step of the Orthodox applets opened 10 classes and 14 groups in preschool. Almost five thousand students studying in Belarus course "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture".

Alexei Shinkevich: "The agreements, contract — this game, and less than that."

Applets from the creators Orthodox Church not very satisfied with the pace of its implementation.
"I think that for such countries as Belarus, it is certainly not enough, — the representative of the Exarchate Andrew Olezhka. — But at least some process must be natural. No need to force the action. This position Bishop Filaret, this position of the Ministry of Education. "
Referent of the Belarusian Exarchate of having links with the media and the public Archimandrite Alexei Shinkevich signed contract calls resounding statement:
"It’s just sounding statements on cooperation. But in reality it is not realized. Let them show at least one school where it is, where it works. We always refer to the experience of the West — the same Poland and Romania.
If there are students in the midst of Catholics — please, if there are members of other faiths — please. So has always beenof Belarus, and so must. Because whenever the signed agreements, contracts — are the games and less of. "
If Orthodox priests from time to time allowed in the schools, the members of other faiths can only dream about it.
Says the rector of the Catholic parish of God icon Moms Mercy of Grodno priest Alexander Shemet:
"Nothing that is not present. Once there were cases where the teacher or director have been committed, that the kids were going to do in the classroom or a date. After all forbade it."

Antony Bokun: "Children from orphanages and schools forbid attend Sunday school at the Protestant churches."

But the biggest obstacles to the education authorities put Protestant churches.
"There is no free access to the school does not — says John the Baptist Church Pastor Anthony Bokun. — Even where some classes were held once members of the Protestant church, at the moment it’s all locked. Children from orphanages and schools forbid attend Sunday School at the Protestant churches. This information from all regions. "
This is also evidenced by Antoni Bokun views and attempt to ban Christian children’s camp in Volozhin district.
• Examination of "Liberty": why Belarus exacerbated religious affairs?, 11.06.2007

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