OSCE has to adopt a resolution on Belarus

On Belarusian events were also invited three subjects from Belarus: the official delegation of the National Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, four co-chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces and the last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich.
They all have their comments and amendments to the draft resolution Belarusian. Notes currently collects and studies the first parliamentary committee — Political and security.
Rapporteur of this document is a member of the working group on Belarus of the OSCE PA parliamentarian from Denmark Kristian Pihl Lorentson.

Anatol Lyabedzka: "weighted resolution. It is aged in an overall strategy for Belarus."

Co-Chair of the Political Council Anatoly Lebedko assesses project of the Belarusian resolution:
"Overall promise document that welcome well-known proposals Euro Union Belarus. And is concerned that there is no democratic elections in Belarus.
Also poorly estimated last election campaigns. And goes prizes to all the same to change the situation in Belarus — and in the context of elections, release of political prisoners, and the criteria for the creation of the ordinary activities of non-governmental organizations.
It’s such a balanced resolution. It is kept in an overall strategy for Belarus, which we now litsezreem by international structures. "
Now co-chairs of the Political Council of the evening go to Kiev.

Andrew Kusyalchuk "Milinkevich had to go to Strasbourg would be ugly, if the first time the winner of the Sakharov Prize was not made."

A advisor Milinkevich in political matters Andrei Kusyalchuk reports that Milinkevich in Strasbourg:
"There Council of Europe organizes the Summer Institute for political scientists and analysts from fifteen European countries. Usually they invite winners of the International Sakharov Prize. And there was the custom, they are there once a year perform. And Milinkevich had to go there, because it would be ugly, if the first time the winner of the Sakharov Prize was not made.
About Kiev is not yet resolved the issue. We told the OSCE that Milinkevich just on the physical level is not able to go right there and there. And asked that sent an invitation to Viktor Kornienko. And he would go, if they manage to send the necessary documents just right. "
Went to Kiev and sustained delegation of the National Assembly of Belarus to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. It is headed by the vice-speaker of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets. The delegation also includes Natalia Andreichik of the Council of the Republic and Misha Horde of the House of Representatives.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly created in 1991. Currently it includes the parliaments of 56 member states. Assembly headed by a parliamentarian from Sweden Goran Lennmarker, who was elected president of the Assembly in July 2006.

• Favorites opposition invited to the PACE session, 02.07.2007 • Bundestag for the post of Commissioner for Belarus, 03.04.2007 • Uta Zapf, "positive changes can be very difficult to go and slowly", 07.05.2006

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